Ben Fleuter’s “Liches Get Stitches – Elemental Enamel Pins” Kickstarter.

The Liches Get Stitches – Elemental Enamel Pins Kickstarter isn’t affiliated with the short story of the same name that I’m suddenly writing, except in the sense that I asked Ben if it was okay if I ran with the title and he said that it was. The entire idea for said story just popped into my head, and it’s amusing – never mind! Ben’s making enamel pins! Back it! Hit the stretch goals, so I can get the glitch one!

3 thoughts on “Ben Fleuter’s “Liches Get Stitches – Elemental Enamel Pins” Kickstarter.”

  1. That’s quite nice.
    Not my fandom, mind, but .. quite nice. (and the glitch one gets really close to my work .. )

  2. OK. Kicking in.

    Has he posted updates anywhere if how heโ€™s doing, or what his next project is?

    1. Generally he and his wife are doing okay: the Kickstarter is there to help him build up his inventory again. As to projects: the only one I know about is the one (or, hopefully, two) he’s doing for me. ๐Ÿ™‚

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