I suspect the people putting up fences all along my row of houses, but can’t prove it! Technician coming tomorrow! Or Saturday! Roll those dice tomorrow!

But that’s OK! We have phones! Today I learned how to USB tether phones to computers! I also learned how to creatively make it clear to my children how there are to be no extraneous downloads until the network’s fixed! Oh, and I also interrupted all of this to get a callback from Xfinity, who wanted me to find out where my cable was! I told the man three times that I didn’t know, didn’t care, and that I was actually in the middle of patching all of this so why not let the nice technician – you know, the one coming Saturday! Or tomorrow! – figure all of that out because I don’t have that training in that particular skill set!

I don’t know how many times he heard that, because the connection was awful! Which is why I didn’t start swearing! But it all works, so it’s all good!

…How was your day?

3 thoughts on “SO THE NETWORK IS OUT.”

  1. I had that happen to me just last week; utility workers cut my fiber optic cable. I walked out, said “hey guys, where are you digging? You cut my internet cable.” “Nuh uh, we aren’t even digging yet!” “yeah? I saw the backhoe go through just a minute ago – right about when my internet went out.” I ended up walking over to the spot where it had been, bent over, pickup up the severed cable, and showed it to them. Boy did they feel stupid not give a damn.

    1. Dude Xfinity sent over this morning was like, level 50 though. Showed up inside the window of time for the schedule, and when I walked him around back and said “I don’t think you’re gonna need to spend any time figuring this one out,” he saw what happened almost as soon as I finished the sentence. Didn’t even want a cold soda or anything, because it was already July in MD and it’d just slow him down while he could still work in the shade. Boom-boom-boom, got it fixed in minutes, and I hope he spent the rest of his allotted time for the repairs off eating waffles.

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