4 thoughts on “Witness the epitome of Western Civilization: the Hasbro Transformers Generations Ghostbusters 2019 Heroic Autobot Ecto-1 Ectotron Figure.”

  1. Also also: if you really must have Ectotron, I understand the figure has been lightly remolded and painted for a re-release as merch for the new movie. That version *may* be slightly easier to find or less expensive to buy when it hits shelves, but I’m not at all certain. YMMV.

  2. Kids today, trying to blend things that shouldn’t go together.
    Next thing you know, they’ll be putting PB&J on pizza or something.
    These things never end well .. just ask Asimov how merging “Foundation” and “Robots” went over.

    1. I have seen PB&J pizza. It was preferable to most everything out of Hollywood these days.

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