Scarlet Johansson is gonna sue the shorts off of of Disney…

…and I’m not finding it hard to pick a side at all. I mean, the Mouse is never gonna offer me a book contract: but it still behooves me to be against companies casually breaching them*. And, amusingly, Johansson has a net worth of over 100 million — she’s apparently been involved in at least one blockbuster movie series — so Disney’s usual tactic of overlawyering her just ain’t gonna fly. This should be real interesting, and I wonder whether they’re going to try to settle fast.

I wouldn’t… because I wouldn’t have gotten into this mess in the first place. Jesus, just pay people. It’s not a hard strategy to comprehend.

Moe Lane

*As somebody put it: I don’t care if Johansson wins, but I do need for Disney to lose.