Some concept clips of Bethesda’s STARFIELD.

Found here. I like the drug pleasure ocean city locale. Although I’ll probably end up yelling “Why don’t you people ever clean anything UP?” at it. I do that a lot in Fallout 4.

4 thoughts on “Some concept clips of Bethesda’s STARFIELD.”

  1. It’s one of the things I loved about Fallout 4. In settlement areas, I could actually clean (some) stuff up. Sadly, the new stuff I could build was often pretty dingy too, but at least it wasn’t a junk yard.

    1. Spring Cleaning mod, coupled with Homemaker. My GOD but it was glorious. Also get the mod that puts leaves on the trees. SO much better.

  2. “Why don’t you people ever clean anything UP?”

    I noticed this about Fallout 4. When I snark about the game, one of the things that I’ll note is that even in the rebuilt “civilized” areas, apparently people have forgotten how to sweep and mop the floors. Yes, civilization went up in a bunch of mushroom clouds. But – given that Fallout 4 is set quite a while after Fallout 3 – it’s been a *long* time since then. Realistically, the civilians should have an industrial level that’s roughly akin to the Victorian era (if not later), sprinkled with salvaged high-tech bits, of course. But everywhere you go, it looks like the cities just got put together within the last ten years, with small buildings cobbled together out of scavenged corrugated metal. And if nothing else, keeping the front room of your “inn” looking well-tended is generally good for business.

    1. I could never quite work out why it was I couldn’t put all of my Minutemen in power armor and Gatling Lasers and keep them at places that spawned bad guys. God knows I had tons of T-45s piled up everywhere. Hell, I had a T-51 museum.

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