Tweet Thread of the Day, Let My Keyword Travails Serve As A Cautionary Tale edition.

So, I totally messed up my Amazon book keywords. Which meant I had to go fix them. Fix them all, for each edition. Because when you screw keywords up from the start, you don’t get to have an easy solution.

Don’t let this happen to you!

7 thoughts on “Tweet Thread of the Day, Let My Keyword Travails Serve As A Cautionary Tale edition.”

  1. Might I inquire if you made these or selected from a list? because otherwise I cannot understand why ‘Roman’ and ‘Catholic’ are two different keywords. Unless somewhere in the editing process you introduced a side-plot about Caesar (Emperor, not Ape) the only logical explanation I can come up with is Amazon forced you to.

    1. I seem to recall that the orcs were somewhat roman in their aspect

      I admit that I am interested as to why those made the cut as well. Is it that, being somewhat niche, you had a need to pick (accurate) keywords that weren’t being stomped all over by more popular books?

      1. What was happening was all of my keywords were redundant. Amazon already was already drawing from the title, the description, and the category, so there was no need to use terms like ‘fantasy’ or ‘horror.’ So I needed to be more specific, while trying to find accurate enough keywords. I think it worked, but it’ll take a day for the ad campaign to confirm, one way or the other.

      1. Of course that makes sense, even if I read the Orc’s Catholicism as being more of the Ukrainian Orthodox than of the Roman variety.

        1. Reasonable: by the 31st century, the Imperial Church will be having a spirited dialogue with recontacted Rome on the topics of clerical magic, and whether Imperial-Rite priests should expect to be married. The Quebecois have their own opinions on both, although both sects recognize the authority of the Pope. Who might not have let the Quebecois Church stay in communion, if he had had more choice in the matter.

          Yup. I got this all in my head.

          1. I’ve got a doozy of a true story about colonial religious administration that deserves to be filmed someday, ideally by the same geniuses who made The Death of Stalin, or, alternatively, adapted for TV by the crew from Arrested Development.

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