The Spielberg WEST SIDE STORY trailer.

It’s not… terrible? If you like WEST SIDE STORY in general, that is. I never thought it was all that great, honestly. A couple of the songs weren’t bad, though.

Also, it’s been sixty years since the last one, so it’s fair game for a remake. Not sure why Spielberg’s eager to do one; this is the sort of thing you’d do as the cinematic equivalent of a masterwork, except that Steven Blooming Spielberg already did one of those with SCHINDLER’S LIST. I dunno. Maybe he just likes WSS more than I do.

One thought on “The Spielberg WEST SIDE STORY trailer.”

  1. I don’t remember much about WSS beyond a vague recollection of the plot. It’s been too many years since I saw it.
    I do remember the Animaniacs’ Good Feathers rendition of it, with the memorable tune “I Want to Perch on Scorsese’s Head”.

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