Annnnnd early bed, for me.

Hopefully this isn’t the start of a cold. It’s not COVID, because if I caught something it was from my wife and she went and got a quick test. But if I wake tomorrow with ‘mere’ cold symptoms, I can’t go to the event anyway. Which will annoy me, because there’s a chance of ZEBRAS.

So here’s hoping.

3 thoughts on “Annnnnd early bed, for me.”

  1. Good luck!

    But if you find yourself laid up, might I suggest you play Subnautica as a consolation prize?
    Go in cold. It’s a game of exploration (and survival!) knowing ahead of time what you’re going to endure steals some of the fun. The trailer is safe, but don’t look at the guides or YouTube reaction videos.
    Oh, and I suggest wearing headphones for extra immersion.

      1. Do. It’s good.
        It’s almost Cosmic Horror. The world doesn’t actively want to kill you, it’s just utterly indifferent to your survival. It’s not a hard game, the main threat is drowning. But it builds terror most effectively. And there is some legitimate horror (made much more effective buy the build up).

        Those fish swimming around aren’t just decorative sprites. They’re your best early game source of food and water if you take them to your fabricator.
        There are likely pieces of wreckage within 25 yards of your lifepod, your fabricator can turn each one into four easy units of titanium.
        The survival knife is actually useful. Not so much for fending off hungry beasties, so much as harvesting plants or chipping off the odd piece of coral.
        The most important things to build first are : air tank, fins, and scanner, in that general order.

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