THE SANDMAN First Look Netflix trailer.

Okay, this one I retain a certain optimism for.

The clip is compatible with the Sandman books and Neil Gaiman is involved with the production. And since he’s got enough status to keep the outrages down to a dull roar, I can be reasonably sure that if changes are made to the TV version of the series, he’ll at least have agreed with them. I’m not a purist on this, by any means — Good Omens‘ changes to me made sense, since we were getting a TV series and not a book — but I’d rather that any done here were for a better reason than (to mangle… Bob Heinlein?) because editors like the flavor better after they’ve peed on it.

So, here’s hoping. Not for pee, obviously.

2 thoughts on “THE SANDMAN First Look Netflix trailer.”

  1. The prequel he put out recently doesn’t bode well. It wasn’t as horrible as making the Force into a venereal disease, but it undercut quite a lot of the story.

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