The “…*Huh*.” COWBOY BEBOP live action Netflix trailer.

I’ve never watched COWBOY BEBOP. The animated one, that is. And now I’m beginning to wonder if that was a mistake on my part.

6 thoughts on “The “…*Huh*.” COWBOY BEBOP live action Netflix trailer.”

  1. I haven’t watched Bebop in a hot minute. Maybe it doesn’t hold up. But, I think it’s probably still interesting.
    I don’t really understand the reasoning behind the live action show, though.

  2. If you liked Firefly, you’ll probably like Cowboy Bebop.
    There’s a lot of common ground. (Which may be considered a very large understatement by some.)

    The original, that is.
    This live action version is likely to be a train wreck.
    I haven’t been paying attention, but I still know the actress playing one of the main characters got very upset at fans for not wanting the character to be “reimagined”. She had a full-on SJW meltdown. This is only one example. A lot of producers, writers, and actors on the project have been actively slagging fans of the series.

    1. Is it safe to watch with kids around, or safe for kids to watch? My children have been scarred by my wife’s penchant for murder mysteries, so we try not to watch too much stuff that will raise awkward questions among the rising generation.

      1. It’s really kinda not safe for kids. Drug use, violence, “sexual situations”. Maybe okay for teenagers, but I’d say PG-13 at least.

        1. No heat, JustDave, but.. huh?

          Nine year olds very much understand violence,

          Nine year olds may not understand addiction, but those being raised around addicts could use a framework to understand..

          Nine year olds likely miss the sexual subtext, but bebop is hardly hentai.

          Again, all respect to JustDave.. it’s safe for kids.. maybe not a replacement for Barney but better’n pretending reality isn’t gritty.


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