NaNoWriMo 2021, Day 25: 1,500 / 49,700.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Let me tell you: the third most alarming thing about a Scout pirate base is how clean it is. The stereotype about pirates is that they’re filthy, careless brigands with no care for their surroundings or persons, but this camp gleamed. The structures had been well-maintained and secured against the elements, and the remaining equipment had been stripped down and prepped for long-term storage. There wasn’t a scrap of garbage anywhere to be found; even the dump was by now rapidly reverting to a series of grassy, flower-strewn hills.

The second most alarming thing? All the signs. Hand-carved, and tastefully chiseled, they exhorted the reader to be honest and fair, trustworthy and loyal; to do their duty, and help others. And, above all others: to Be Prepared. That infamous motto was everywhere. It was even carved into the surface of every door, just in case the Scouts might forget, or something.

The most alarming thing? Obviously, the mass graves.

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