I’m locking down the cover art for TINSEL RAIN.

Hope folks like Fritz Lang movies. In other news: this means I absolutely have to spend December locking down getting TINSEL RAIN in shape for my alpha reader. I don’t regret getting GHOSTS ON AN ALIEN WIND up and running this month, but starting December 1st I need to be on the stick with the Tom Vargas sequel.

In other, other news: I’m going to need to put a Kickstarter together in March if I want to get the book out earlier than Christmas 202[2]. Particularly since it’d be the only way I could fund an audiobook. Doubly-particularly since I’d have to pay the audiobook person more money, because she wouldn’t be getting residuals from it. Ah, the joys of self-publishing…

7 thoughts on “I’m locking down the cover art for TINSEL RAIN.”

  1. Ummm… how much do you need to get me a copy of “Tinsel Rain” in .. (checks calendar) 26 days?

    (did you perhaps mean 2022 above?)


      1. The OCD helps .. or makes me a more effective upholstered pain in the (ahem) .. your mileage may vary.


  2. Firstly, I second acat’s calendar query.

    Also, now that I hear about the existence of an ‘Alpha’ reader, I feel a bit dirty and cheap as a mere ‘beta’.

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