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Distance was funny on the moon. A site hundred miles down the road was closer than one twenty miles away, and over broken ground. And this jaunt to Luna City was… definitely going to be a road trip, Tobias thought as he supervised the loading-up of the lunar bus. The buses could be recharged from the fusion plant, or a spare solar panel in a pinch. The hoppers could not.

Aside from Hawthorne, Wu, and Jones, he had two other people coming along: Dr. Lillian Peters from what used to be Oxford’s lunar research station, and Corporal Josef Buckley from the motor pool. Buckley was there to drive the bus. Dr. Peters’ research into lunar geology wouldn’t be helpful on the mission, but she had logged more hours outside than anybody else who at least qualified for fetching and carrying.

She also seemed fairly eager to actually go somewhere. “Thank you, Commander. I haven’t had a chance to work in vacuum since Before. Even if we’re taking the stairs instead of climbing down.”

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