New Weird Al Tour.

It’s another iteration of his original songs only tour from a few years ago so I can probably skip it safelHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, who am I kidding? The only reason I haven’t signed up yet for the Kennedy Center show (ooooh) yet is because I can’t. Seriously: the last show was a gas. I’m up for seeing it again.

4 thoughts on “New Weird Al Tour.”

  1. (Reads the Kung Flu nazi crap required for attendance)
    Oh hell no.
    Not a fricking chance.

    I suddenly think much less of Mr. Yankoivc.

  2. My wife and several of my bartenders emailed me within minutes of this being announce either wanting A) Tickets, B) The Night Off or C) A Barshift working the concert.

    Anyway, if you see it here in Philadelphia instead of in DC, drinks are on the house.

  3. It also looks like that if someone were to buy a membership to the American Music Theatre in Lancaster, that someone *might* be able to buy multiple tickets to the performances there at what might be more affordable prices than some of the more urban venues. Let’s talk in a few days when the tickets are actually in the wild; I found that I knew a *lot* of folks who bought tickets to the Strathmore for the original tour.

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