So, did anything… *happen*, today?

I mean, I was more or less productive, on my own. I just can’t find anything to write about. Maybe it’s because of the new year?

…Oh! I did get the DIFFERENT TROUBLE supplement for Greg Stolze’s Termination Shock space RPG. It’s all about aliens! And how hard it is to roleplay them. It’s pretty nifty. So, you know: there’s that.

2 thoughts on “So, did anything… *happen*, today?”

  1. Well, quite a bit has happened, but mainly in the Before-Times realm.

    Lets see…..
    A bunch of Youtubers just got Banned for streaming whole movies and shows like copyrights aren’t a thing.

    The Witcher showrunner got ratio’d hard for pulling the “Strong Wahmen” card.

    Slow week really.

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