For the record: we should have boycotted this Olympics.

I’m not going to link to the racist filth that our athletes are getting subjected to right now over in the PRC, particularly the ones who are African-American. You can find it, if you really need to see it. But I’ll say this: every one of our athletes should be on the next flight out of that country. Doesn’t really matter where to, either. Anywhere civilized will do.

5 thoughts on “For the record: we should have boycotted this Olympics.”

  1. Amen.

    The silence of the racial activists who have been making sports all but unwatchable is as galling as the behavior of the Chinese.

  2. Since we have not boycotted… any chance we can get the athletes to write travelogues?

    Their experience, disgusting as it is, told in their own words.


  3. I’m extremely unsympathetic to the abuse. All I hear from these pampered babies is how I’m responsible for systemic Racism in a country that is the least racist, for now, in the whole freaking world. I don’t hold out hope that they’ll learn from this. Or that those sports leagues in bed with China will walk away. They’ll most likely come back and double down on the arrogance. And as the country transitions to minority white they are going to miss this age.

    1. Foreigners do not have permission to scream racial epithets at my country’s representatives. Any of my country’s representatives. I take the insult personally.

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