01/22/22 Snippet, DESERT.

Magic vs. science!


He looked at the two halflings. “I don’t suppose either of you two have any magic?”

Shiner snorted. “If we had, the elves would’ve cut our throats instead of putting collars around them. I know a little herblore and Blondie here…”

“Blondie can speak for herself,” she said with a glower. “I got math and lightning lore. My pa was a fulgurologist, and he taught me enough to be useful.”

“Fulgurologist? Not a fulgurmancer?” Joe asked her.

“Nah, he didn’t have magic, either. He didn’t need any, either.” Blondie sounded defiant and defensive at the same time; Joe figured she had made this statement before. “You don’t need magic to tame lightning. Just good gloves and a careful touch.”

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  1. Pedantic:
    The double “either” in the last paragraph should be fixed.

    Interesting. This has something significant to say about magic in this world.


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