THE BATMAN opens to $128.5 million.

Which is pretty good, considering how many people reviewed-kvetched about THE BATMAN: “In another clear sign that moviegoing is alive and well despite ceasing during the pandemic, Warner Bros.’ The Batman is delivering the second-best opening since 2019. That’s after Spider-Man: No Way Home with $128.5M after a $43.2M Saturday, which was -24% against the pic’s opening Friday+previews. Around the globe, Batman made $248.5M. There’s a very good chance by tomorrow AM that Batman could rise beyond $130M.”

I, alas, haven’t seen it yet. I was going to, but last-minute family scheduling got in the way. But I figure I can hold out until the next weekend. Besides, it’s a Batman movie. I’m pretty sure I know how this flick is going to go.