Finished up HAWKEYE today.

Chewing through all the MCU stuff I haven’t seen yet, because tomorrow or Sunday is gonna be DOCTOR STRANGE. After this, I watch ETERNALS tonight, which should catch me up completely. Probably unnecessary, but what the heck. I should relax sometimes.

Anyway, HAWKEYE was fun. I worried going in that Kate Bishop would be written as this god-tier replacement who would show Clint Barton how it’s really done, but instead we got a buddy cop series. Or ‘buddy secret agent’ series, maybe? Anyway, Clint doesn’t need to be taught the power of friendship, because he’s well aware how powerful it is; so powerful, in fact, that it’s left a few pieces behind in his soul. And Kate is commendably bandaged and rumpled by the end of the series; perfect, she is not.

All in all, HAWKEYE is a fun series that reminds itself on a regular basis that, geez, it’s Christmas. I should have finished it earlier.


6 thoughts on “Finished up HAWKEYE today.”

  1. Hawkeye was fun, the dog was well done, and it leaves plenty of room for crossovers and sequels.

    Not sure I would say it’s better or worse than Loki; both were very good.


  2. A pleasant surprise; I think I like it more than Loki. I’m not saying that it is better than Loki, but I feel no compulsion to watch Loki again whereas I have watched Hawkeye twice already.

    As you point out, a fun series with Christmas in it. Wasn’t expecting that.

  3. I also very much enjoyed watching Tony Dalton play a character with the same oily charm of his Better Call Saul villain, but broke a very different direction.

  4. One more thing: it was very refreshing to see the portrayal of Hawkeye and his marriage remaining 100% strong while he has (1) an extremely attractive younger woman best friend, followed by (2) an even younger extremely attractive woman protegé, and there’s no hint of flirting, inappropriateness, jealousy or anything. He’s faithful and in love, so is his wife, they both know it, their marriage is solid and boom, that’s it.

    1. Yeah. Although it should be noted that the entire series is about the fallout of just how bad a day Clint Barton had when his entire family turned into dust. Hard to shoehorn a mid-life crisis into that one.

    2. It helps that Nat was almost a sister and he sees Kate as some cross between an annoying little sister and a wayward daughter. He alternates between being angry with her stupidity and being tired because he has to clean up her mess.

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