GREEDFALL II coming out in 2024.

Nice: “Publisher Nacon and developer Spiders have announced GreedFall II: The Dying World for consoles and PC (Steam). Specific consoles were not announced. It will launch in 2024.” It’ll be a prequel to the first game, which makes sense because the first game got everything resolved in a pretty comprehensive fashion.

I’ve played the first Greedfall, and I liked it: it’s an alchemical-swashbuckling RPG with an interesting take on the Age of Exploration. Interesting combat, and you couldn’t just button-mash your way out of problems, but also not impossible to play unless you were seventeen and hopped up on energy drinks. Interesting factions, and a general lack of These are the white hats (including the natives); I look forward to playing the sequel, when it comes out.

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3 thoughts on “GREEDFALL II coming out in 2024.”

  1. About half the natives were white hats. The positive ratio in other factions was considerably lower.

    I mostly enjoyed it (except for all the invisible walls!) It was a great setting, solid characters, with interesting factions, and a world that was fun to explore.

    That said, it could have used more polish. The third act was much weaker than the rest of the game (but with a significant difficulty spike). There were times when it wallowed in the “noble savage” myth too ham handedly. Very nearly the only scientist and missionary who aren’t dark grey (or worse) are your companions, and the contrast is pretty jarring at times.

    1. True about the natives, but I was shocked to see any non-white hats at all in the mix. One scheming chief blatantly used the colonists to get ahead – and you could let him get away with it. It did need more polish, too: the translation from French was almost unnoticeable, which had the unfortunate effect of making you notice the odd flub or two in the vocabulary.

      1. He was a greasy bleepard, wasn’t he?
        Then it gets so much worse when you uncover your secret backstory, and realize he certainly put 2+2 together almost immediately.

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