I am a little disappointed in THE INVITATION trailer. It’s practically blinking DO YOU WANT TO SEE SOME VAMPIRES? in giant, carmine-red letters. I was hoping for a little more subtlety, and a lot less of the plot arc. But such is the nature of trailers. At least there’s all that repressed eroticism going on.

Moe Lane

PS: I am letting the implied class/social commentary slide. All vampire stories have class and/or social commentary in them. You can’t escape it, so it’s like getting upset at July for being 95 degrees out. What were you expecting, a blizzard?

5 thoughts on “THE INVITATION trailer.”

  1. “getting upset at July for being 95 degrees”

    It is snowing right now Moe, in las leñas Argentina. Your statement was very Northern-hemispherist.

    Words hurt. Be better.

      1. Succinct. I was going to start off by demanding “exactly which blog do you think you’re at, Bensdad00?”, but your minimalist reply rendered anything I might add as superfluous persiflage. Your response was made all the more cutting in that you did not actually use a real word when you did so. Impressive.

        Opus would be proud.

        1. That was a test of the Emergency Comment Moderation policy, a test Moe passed with flying colors by making an appropriately dismissive reply.

          Had Moe allowed such a comment to go un-disparaged, or, even worse, apologized and promised to ‘be better’, a search and rescue effort would have been immediately undertaken to find out

          A) Who had hijacked the blog
          B) who had hijacked Moe and strapped him in the Clockwork Orange chair

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