Turks get upset because Pope Francis called the Armenian Genocide a genocide.

Well ain’t that a God-damned shame:

What’s Turkish for “Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on your way out the door?” …Or perhaps Italian would make more sense, in this context. Or maybe just liturgical Latin.

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So now the WH is *actively* fighting recognizing the Armenian Genocide. #rsrh

You’ll all be pleased to hear that apparently we no longer have any pressing domestic problems. At least, none that are more important than the need to squash recognition of the Armenian genocide.

White House Rebuffed In Effort to Kill Vote on House Bill Recognizing Armenian Genocide By Turks

The Obama administration asked the chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee to cancel a vote scheduled for today on a bill recognizing the Armenian genocide. The chairman of the committee, Rep. Howard Berman, D-Calif., is going forward with the bill “mark up” and vote regardless.

The bill, H. Res. 252, recognizes as genocide the “systematic and deliberate annihilation of 1,500,000 Armenians” as ordered by the Turkish government from 1915 to 1923.  It’s the kind of statement then-Sen. Obama supported; as a candidate for president, he said, “America deserves a leader who speaks truthfully about the Armenian Genocide and responds forcefully to all genocides. I intend to be that President.”

Please note: this is technically not any more of a broken campaign promise than the broken one that it was before. I’m sure that the President intended to do a lot of things, once in office. Just like I’m sure that the President often means well.  That being said: you do realize that if you voted for this man on this issue you more or less threw your money away, yes? – Which is something that you should really take into consideration, next go-round.

Moe Lane

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And American recognition of the Armenian Genocide gets delayed. Again.

Ben Smith covers the Standard Washingtonian Weasel Statement by President Obama here, the comparable reactions to said SWWS here, and – best of all – Samantha “Monster” Power’s earnest explanation to the Armenian community back in the day about how straight a shooter that Barack Obama is*

here. I do hope that nobody was shocked by any of this; it was pretty obvious how this was all going to go down, as both Dan Riehl (here and here) and myself kept saying. (more…)


Obama to quietly break promise on recognizing Armenian genocide.

Which happened, by the way.

I said that it did back in February, and I say it now. It happened, and while there are consequences to saying that it happened, there are consequences to not saying so, too. And the administration has apparently decided to go with the latter set of consequences.

Obama wavers on pledge to declare Armenian genocide

The Obama administration is hesitating on a promised presidential declaration that Armenians were the victims of genocide in the early 20th century, fearful of alienating Turkey when U.S. officials badly want its help.

President Obama and other top administration officials pledged during the presidential campaign to officially designate the 1915 killings of Armenians by the Ottoman Turks as genocide. Many Armenian Americans, who are descendants of the victims and survivors, have long sought such a declaration.

But the administration also has been soliciting Ankara’s help on Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran and other security issues amid Turkish warnings that an official U.S. statement would imperil Turkey’s assistance.

Administration officials are considering postponing a presidential statement, citing progress toward a thaw in relations between Turkey and neighboring Armenia. Further signs of warming — such as talk of reopening border crossings — would strengthen arguments that a U.S. statement could imperil the progress.


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I do not say to Congress, “Do not pass a resolution condemning the Armenian genocide.”

…and the successor state to the one that committed said genocide has not adequately addressed the actions of its predecessor. The new President campaigned on the issue, and top foreign policy adviser Samantha Power (back from internal exile from her previously calling the new Secretary of State a “monster”) is known for her stance on it. And, at the end of things, there are a variety of reasons why we should make a policy of calling things by their true names, geopolitical awkwardness or no. So I do not ask that they do not pass this resolution.

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#rsrh There’s something that you don’t see every day.

Palestinian riot police sent in to break up an Orthodox/Armenian Christian clerical riot in Bethlehem.


At least, as Lowering the Bar put it, “I’m going to believe that unless shown otherwise, because that would mean this story involved Muslim cops having to keep the peace between two groups of Christians trying to kill each other due to religious fanaticism.”

Mind you, those two groups of clerics did not really have a broomstick-wielding brawl over the cleaning duties at the Church of the Navitity. No, those two groups of clerics had brawl because they’ve been brawling for roughly a millenium and a half by now, usually with cudgels – and, hey! Brother Demetrios was right: the heads to these brooms pop right off.

Seriously, look up the term “Monophysite” sometimes. There’s a history here, I’m saying. Heck, there’s a tradition.

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Obama avoids saying ‘genocide’ in Turkey*.

(H/T: Dan Riehl) With regard to President Obama’s decision to not confront the Armenian Genocide question while in Turkey – as noted here from someone on the scene, he specifically avoided using the word genocide – it shouldn’t be too much of a surprise that he didn’t keep that particular campaign promise (“America deserves a leader who speaks truthfully about the Armenian Genocide and responds forcefully to all genocides. I intend to be that President.”).  Politician, lying, lips moving, etc. etc. etc.  Besides, I saw this coming last month.

What should be the focus now is what Congress plans to do about it.  Rep. Mark Kirk (R, IL) is still hopeful that his resolution recognizing the Genocide – which he’s worked on with Rep. Adam Schiff (D, CA), Rep. George Radanovich (R, CA) and Rep. Frank Pallone, Jr. (D, NJ) will make it to the floor of the House, but that’s up to Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D, CA)… who has been noticeably silent on this issue in this Congress.  One would have to be a terrible human being to suggest that this is because there’s no convenient scapegoat this time around…

Moe Lane

*I’d be sympathetic to the problem he’s got with this, except that he shot off his mouth a lot on the subject last year, and the man needs to learn that people pay attention to what Presidents say.

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