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Written by on Apr 06,2009 in: |



    It will be interesting to see how this develops in light of the U.S. fund manager’s video

  • Moe_Lane says:

    …And, of course, somebody immediately goes with a fake email on an important update in order to test this.

    Gotta love the Online Left, huh? They always think that the rules don’t apply to them, and then they wonder why they never get any respect outside their own social circle.

  • Bill says:

    Apropos of your Tea Party post, I just posted 21+ reasons why folks should attend, which includes the possibly less than true suggestion that JP Freire will sprint nekkid thru the Fed.

    21+ Reasons to Go to a Tea Party

  • Scott J. says:

    Moe, you are Al Powell. We are John McClaine. “Welcome to the party, pal!”

  • Quin Hillyer says:

    WIth regard to your interest in the Bush Six (and Spain), I thought you would want to see this:
    Best wishes,

  • Tony Cotto says:

    Hi Moe – I’m a longtime fan and fellow RedState contributor (mostly on Judicial noms back when I was working for the RNC and then RNLA), but will be at the Washington, DC Tea Party by the White House tomorrow covering it on behalf of . Would love it if you could stop by to chat with us for a while at our booth about any number of things!

    – Tony Cotto

  • Deuce Geary says:

    Since you’ve commented on Stacy McCain’s Rule 5, I thought you might consider linking to my post about the new list of “11 Hottest FOX news reporters” published yesterday by



    Just in case I screwed up that embedded link, the URL for the post is:

  • Jared says:

    Hey Moe,

    I thought some of the video’s that have been submitted in Right.Org’s video contest may interest you:

    The top prize for our video contest is $27,599. If you’re interested, I’d love to forward you a press release.

  • Hey Moe,
    We met you on Tax Day and you interviewed us. I have been looking on your website and for the video and can’t find it. Is there any way you could send us a copy of the interview to the above e-mail? I want to keep it for my son’s scrapbook.
    Thanks a lot for all you do!

  • Jaybird (aka birdmojo) says:

    Hello, Moe.

    I’m curious as to whether my commenting here would be welcome. If not, no biggie. Thanks for your time.

    Jay (aka birdmojo)

  • Regarding Murtha hit job. You’re right this is a Rahm job. They stopped attacking Murtha’s ties to PMA whenver they discovered about a 1/4 of Congress mostly their caucus were recipients of PMA. Now they have switched to our airport. Whent he elite media covers this story, Steve Ellis of TCS always appears. Ellis and Paul Kane of WAPO did a hit job on Sarah Palin at our 2008 convention for trying to get earmarks for Wasilla. Rahm and Axelrod must have hired the same media hit men to work over Murtha. I know Murtha is not popular on your blog, but he has spent his whole life working for a credible and strong US defense. These left-wing folks want to spend our tax money on bailouts, midnight basketball and needle exchange programs.

  • MathMom says:

    Hey, Moe –

    Can you make a graph out of your chart? It always makes more impact if you see numbers represented in a picture.

    Marian Booker

  • TW Bunker says:


    Please understand, it appears to be your job to keep up with your local, state and federal political process. Admittedly, you do a fantastic job and I really enjoy reading your posts on RedState. I, however, don’t have that luxury. I have to depend on people like you to separate the wheat from the chaff for me so that I can take a small break, scan the few hot spots on the net, and return to my primary responsibilities. I spend my day – ALL day – EVERY day – doing my job and tending to my family. I believe that is just as valuable. Just because I don’t wallow in the minutia of my local political machine doesn’t mean that I’m lazy or not involved. Let that sink in for a while.

  • Moe_Lane says:

    Actually, my job is to raise my son. This and RS is essentially what I do in my spare time; if it were a job, I’d be getting paid for it. 🙂

  • Jennifer says:

    Could you share an email address with me that you can be contacted with? Thanks so much.

  • Rob says:

    Moe, wondering if you’re interested in a radio interview about the credit card legislation today. email me. [email protected].

  • Scott says:

    Hi, just left an unimportant comment on Ar-1, and Arkansas in general. Arkansas is not the only state with similar problems. For example, Al-2 and 5.

    Al-2 is represented by Bright, Dem, but has a Cook PVI rating of R+16, according to wiki, and went for McCain with bigger numbers than AR-1, 2, or 3: 63%.

    Al-5 is similar. Represented by Griffith (Dem), has a Cook PVI rating of R+12, voted for McCain by almost 61%, etc.

    Alabama and Arkansas are not the only states like this. They just start with “A”. 48, or 54 or 55, or something, states to go.

    Anyhoo, you can delete this spiel, but it seems strange that no one is really looking district by district. There is a lot of low hanging fruit out there. Be nice if someone tried to pick it.

  • Moe_Lane says:

    Scott, all I can say is: think of it as a wonderful opportunity to get involved in state/local politics. 🙂

  • Cold Warrior says:

    Hi Moe,
    Please send me your e-mail address. I will then send you two things I use to evaluate Republican primary candidates. One is a Pre-Oath of Office” related to the right to keep and bear arms and the second is a 21 questionnaire based upon the 2008 Party Platform. If they don’t sign them, they get no support from me. Might ultimately get my vote, but they won’t get any active, public support.
    Cold Warrior

  • Scott Osteen says:


    Recently, myself and several friends created a website that embodies the notion of regaining control of our country. is a place where conservative minded people can rally, lobby, and converse regarding the pertinent issues facing our country.

    We started this site because we fully believe this great nation has been hijacked by our liberal leaders. We also believe that this situation is fully rectifiable; and with everyone’s help it will be just that, rectified.

    We fully believe we are in this together and that while it’s easy to point our fingers at our elected officials, we are the ones who keep sending them back to Office term after term. We hope to build a base of conservative voters nationwide that are interested in helping elect leaders that stand for the same conservative ideals that we do. Although voters in one state can’t vote for candidates in another state, despite the best efforts of ACORN, however they we can certainly help convince voters from our neighboring states to vote in a more conservative manner and erg them leave their more liberal candidates at home.

    There are 536 elected officials that make up the Legislative and Executive branches of our Federal Government. They are all one election away from being everyday citizens again, just like you and I. We hope to form a block of informed voters that are committed to electing conservative leaders that will help us right this ship that is America.

    In essence, we at would like to dedicate our website to the cause of electing conservative leaders to our public offices and help GET OUR COUNTRY BACK.

    Thank you in advance for joining our efforts and forwarding this email so your friends and family can join us as well.

    God Bless,

    Scott Osteen
    [email protected]

  • Moe…. This is Kenny from over at RedState…… You may see this before what I ran up at RedState on your “selling mil equip to Israel” diary.

    You’re not gonna believe this…….. He says no to Israel, but OK to the same choppers for Egypt.

  • Pat says:

    I am a fellow red-stater and saw this article on the internet and wanted to pass it along to you. I am curious what the short term and long term affects of the release of this information will have on our defense and energy policies.

  • Sorry for being so oblivious.

    I do reciprocate blogroll links; it just takes me awhile to notice it.

  • Jon Keeling says:

    Hey Moe,

    Saw your post on Kasich on Red State and figured you’d be interested in the new numbers that came out last night.

    Check it out here:

    Keep up the good work.


  • Brian Henson says:

    I was cruising through my morning news and on Fox Opinion at about 9:00am CDT, the top link was something about complaining to the FCC for allowing the Obama-mercial last night. I clicked on the link, but I got the “Website cannot access this page” message. So, I did a search for FCC, found the “File Complaint” button, and filed a complaint about the biased, unfair coverage. When I returned to Fox Opinion, the column was GONE–replaced by another column. The original (that I didn’t get to read) was posted by (I’m pretty sure I’m remembering correctly…) Judith Miller. Did anyone else see this?


  • Check your PayPal, Bossman.

    Cheers !

  • Moe –

    I’ve been enjoying your posts at RedState for some time. I wonder if you wouldn’t be interested to shine a bit of light on my fledgling political campaign:

    All best,

    – Paul Mitchell

  • Mike Ciletti says:

    Hi Moe-

    Thanks for your post regarding the House races to watch. Do you have an interest in being added to our distribution list for press releases etc.?

    Thanks again
    Mike Ciletti
    Campaign Manager
    Gardner for Congress

  • Sean says:


    Great post about those five house races to watch. You mentioned a great candidate in Colorado- Cory Gardner- so I wanted to let you know about a strong US Senate candidate in Colorado- Cleve Tidwell.
    Please check out his website and let me know if you have any questions about his campaign.

    —Sean Doherty

  • Rhetorican says:

    If Tolkien Geeks Ran the Pentagon:

  • Michael N. says:

    Here’s something for the “Assorted Weirdness” section:

    It’s a Mormon pinup calendar, with the added benefit of muffin recipes (eventually — they haven’t uploaded them to the site yet. Everything is totally worksafe, except for the URL, but it’ll still bend your brain.

  • Moe,
    I know you’re a gamer, so I thought I’d throw this your way in case you hadn’t heard about it, and so you could pass it on: Tracy Hickman (creator of Ravenloft and Dragonlance) and his son Curtis have co-authored an awesome book on GMing, illustrated by none other than Howard Tayler of Schlock Mercenary. There are reviews here:
    They’re all great folks (I’ve met them) and trying hard to get the word out right now on a self-published work. Anyway, thought you might enjoy. Oyster out.

  • Moe_Lane says:

    You just did me a favor, Free-Range Oyster. 🙂

  • Roy Patterson says:

    I am listening to your fine interview with Mr. Alford as I work.
    thanks for putting it together!!
    I was so impressed with the way he stood up to Ms. Boxer that I emailed him this morning to thank him.

    I call my Senators and Representatives to weigh in on the travesties that they are inflicting on our country. For some reason I don’t feel like they are listening to me/us…..
    Thanks for calling attention to courageous Americans like Mr. Alford!
    Roy Patterson
    San Jose, Ca.
    proud participant in the April 15 and July 5 San Jose TEA parties

  • Babuga says:

    Having difficulty w/PayPal.Don’t have an acct. Have used before though. Want to respond to your Cretinous Brass Commercialism (or what you said) You don’t Have to publish this one I would direct message you on Twitter but you’re not following:(

  • Cap'n Kirk says:

    Saw your video post about Elvis in cheese puff on velvet.

    I have a picture I took of a Cheetos which looks like Pres. BHO bowing to the Saudis. If you’re interested, I can send it to you.

  • Moe,

    Thanks your for cross posting my poat on Marion Berry on both Red State and your blog. It is greatly appreciated.

    Not sure we have met but we should have. As Republican conservative bloggers we should have. I live in the Ozarks and also post on sites as Ozark Guru.

    If interested, the following blogs are mine:
    ARRA News Service [Would love to exchange links]

    America’s Best Choice
    [Contributors welcome – If you wish to cross post stories I will send you an invite. Exchanging links welcome.]

    Boot Berry [Have teamed with John Allison (America, You Asked for it! to focus on Marion Berry in our Congressional district in Arkansas]

    Veterans for William Russell
    [Really an anti John Murtha site becan in 2007. I will be supporting who ever wins the PA-12 GOP primary and runs against Murhta. If you despise John Murtha, I have a Roll Call Against John Mutha open to everyone. If you join the roll call, I will embed a link in the state abbreviation back to your blog – feeds the search engines. Always looking for material and contributors.]

    Also admin the following if you are interested in being added as a contributor:

    BattleGround States

    Local Republican Races

    Again, thanks!
    Bill (Ozark Guru)
    Editor, ARRA News Service
    National Political Director, Conservative Solutions “Let’s Get This Right”
    My Twitter:

  • Hi Moe, just want to let you know I appreciate the link to my Blog of Much Holding website. Drop me a line and I’ll thank you more…

  • Daryl Herbert says:

    “Not being an attorney, I don’t know whether the public figure defense does or does not apply here; but if it does go to trial, this Gryphen fellow will almost certainly lose.”

    First, IANAL, but I might be in a few months, if you know what I mean. I’m sending this comment to communicate with you; I don’t intend for it to be published.

    There is no “public figure defense” to libel. A “defense” to a lawsuit is something that, if true, completely defeats the lawsuit, and the defendant goes away scot-free.

    The fact that Sarah Palin is a public figure (no question, even though she stepped down as Gov.) means that, in order for her to recover anything from “Gryphen” in a libel lawsuit, she will need to show at least “actual malice,” which means that Gryphen either:

    *A* – deliberately lied; or
    *B* – KNEW there was an unjustifiable chance that his story was false, but didn’t do enough research before publishing it

    The higher standard for public figures is something the Supreme Court invented in NYT v. Sullivan, a famous case. The idea is that the First Amendment put limits on peoples’ ability to recover money damages for libel, if a government official, celebrity, or important public issue is being discussed.

    Gryphen has no special Constitutional right to keep his sources’ names secret (however, Alaska law MIGHT provide better protections, I don’t know AK law). If he won’t share their names, Palin might win based on *A* (the jury could assume there were no sources, and Gryphen just made the whole thing up) or on *B* (if G can’t show any facts whatsoever that he made a good faith effort to investigate, Palin would be entitled to summary judgment). On the other hand, if Gryphen can name a few sources, then Palin will have to convice the jury that:

    1 – Gryphen knew his sources might be wrong; AND
    2 – Gryphen did not make a good enough attempt to investigate it before publishing

    #1 almost has to be true. Gryphen could claim that he just didn’t know there was any possibility whatsoever that the rumor was wrong, but a jury would not believe that (only Sarah or Todd Palin could know for sure whether they were divorcing; everyone else would have imperfect knowledge).

    So Gryphen’s defense would be #2, that he made a reasonable investigation. How does one go about investigating divorce rumors? Calling up Palin might be unreasonable, if they think she would just lie about it anyway or not get back to him. So G might be able to argue that he investigated it as best as he could, and therefore escape liability. I think G would have a good chance to escape liability if he names his sources and they aren’t just random snowbillies who wouldn’t know about the Palins’ marriage.

    Even if G skates by naming his sources, Palin could sue THEM for libel.

  • weyoun42 says:

    A suggestion for your song of the night at some point:

    The lyrics at the 3:00 mark are priceless.

  • DanNY says:

    My initial report on the Tim Bishop Healthcare Rally at SEIU headquarters on Long Island is here:

  • Brett says:

    I recommend the following pdf file, first posted at a local politics blog in IL that i follow:

    the specific entry is here:

    the overall blog is:

    I thought you might enjoy it…


  • Rick Moore says:

    Moe. You rock.
    They want to roll out wealth envy with the insurance executives. How is it that one man, I mean, “working family” because he has a wife and daughter gets paid 250,000 for a speach many times over? I wonder what expectations the payer would have for a “speach”. People can freely flush dollars down the toilet if they wish, but I think this is amazing.

  • Simon Owens says:

    Hey Moe,

    I read your post today mentioning the Whole Foods boycott that sprung up after the CEO published that op-ed in the Wall Street Journal. I got a chance recently to interview the main organizers of the boycott about how they’ve been using social media to amass supporters:

    Anyway, I thought this was something you and your readers would find interesting.

    take care,

  • Chris Jones says:

    Just wanted to let you know about the new conservative blog aggregator page I launched this week. It’s called “Conurls” and your site is included. It’s still in beta, but feel free to link to it if you like it.



    Chris Jones
    Managing Editor

  • DanNY says:

    NY Congressman Tim Bishop tried to pack his town hall , Failed!

  • NickLevi86 says:

    Master Lane,

    I was wondering what resources you used to track down local GOP organizations. I have tried Google and found nothing for Penobscot County, Maine. Granted this is the land of Unions, Hippies and Boston-rejects where conservatives are sparse and annoying. Any leads wound be appreciated. Keep up the great work, both here and at RedState!


  • Joanna Tolson says:


    I read RedState regularly, although I have rarely ever responded to any postings there (under my maiden name Joanna Hall) and have never responded under my current name/email, I have something I’d like to see posted. My husband came across this and I found it moving. Perhaps you’ve seen it already, but if not, feel free to post it. I’m asking you because I like your diaries – you’re direct and plain-spoken. I admire that.

  • Hi Moe,

    Now that Cash for Clunkers has used up its funding, I thought you could use more information for – – about car donation. Your readers can still donate a car right now and get a tax write off and help a charity. We also offer you a commission of $100 per car donation referral when you add a link to . All you do is add a link and we cut you a check. Call me or email for more information. It would be great to offer your readers the car donation option and for you to receive the usual $100 advertising share (instead of Google or the newspapers).


    Charity Assistance Team
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