Interesting Delta Green-themed podcast from the Unspeakable Oath.

Essentially, what they’re changing, what they’re not, what the updated version is going to look like, that sort of thing.  Features most of the DG heavy hitters, plus Ken Hite.

It’s going to take me forever to listen to the whole thing, though.  Kids.

Meet the blessed, and accursed*, Brian Jablonski.

He is blessed and accursed* for precisely the same reason: this is the man who designs new blasters for Nerf.

Yes.  This man is the guy with That Job. This is the guy who won the employment lottery jackpot with the bonus number.  This is the guy who is not only an Alpha Geek; he is a King Geek… with a seat on the Council of Advisors to the God-Emperor Geek, should we ever get around to having one.

And he has apparently given us a 75 foot range blaster, with triple ammo capacity.


Moe Lane

(Via Instapundit)

*Note: not actually “accursed.”

So, there I am in Skyrim…

…bringing somebody a horse that I stole for him (after double-crossing him with the woman that the horse was being stolen from).  Only when I get to said guy, waiting for us are two vampires, a giant spider, and an assassin.  The scene ends with the horse dead, the guy running screaming off into the night while on fire (fortunately, he paid me first), and me both poisoned AND down with a quick case of preliminary vampirism.

Worst. Rendezvous point. EVER.

The funny part?  It could have been worse. Lydia didn’t walk in front of my fireball this time.

Truth be told, I dunno whether @InvisibleObama is on my side, or…

Truth be told, I dunno whether @InvisibleObama is on my side, or on the Other Side’s.  Either way, my advice on this?  You got 47+ K followers out of this, dude. MONETIZE THAT.  My wife recommends blank white T-shirts, or maybe this picture, or something cheap and quick and easily-flogged on the market.  Capitalism, baby: capitalism.