DIFFERENT TROUBLE is a supplement to Greg Stolze’s TERMINATION SHOCK science fiction RPG: the Kickstarter’s half-over, half-funded. Check it out; the core game looks fun, although I haven’t played it yet. And, before anybody asks, it’s ethically sourced. Print on demand, so no worries about your gaming money going to fund cultural genocide and slave labor!

Moe Lane

PS: I’d comment on that hair, except I’m fairly shaggy myself. Haircuts are a bit of an interesting proposition at the moment.

The “Take It To Eleven” WITHOUT REMORSE trailer.

If you click the link, you’ll see that they changed the plot. I think. There’s at least one scene in WITHOUT REMORSE the movie* that I absolutely don’t remember from the book and I don’t give a [expletive deleted]. Adherence to the book is a good thing, sure. So is getting the character right.

Look, worst-case scenario here? I’m just gonna pretend that Michael B. Jordan is playing a guy who happens to have the same name as one of the characters in a Tom Clancy novel. If I do that, everything’s fine.

Moe Lane

*You’ll know it when you see it. Did John Clark do that in the book? I believe not. Would he have done it? Absolutely.

The HPL Historical Society fundraiser was successful! …Also, their account was hacked and @TwitterSupport is being useless.

Oh, hi, Twitter Support! Note that your website is still calling mine dangerous. Why are you doing that? How the heck do you expect to keep getting away with this level of not-talking-to-people when you finally monetize your subscribers? Is this really what y’all wanted to do with your lives?

…Anyway: the HPL Historical Society had a fundraiser to help buy up a bunch of Lovecraft’s letters and donate them to Brown University’s existing HPL collection. They have succeeded. This, at least, is good news.