The apparently surprising unsurprising profitability of CYBERPUNK 2077.

I say ‘surprising’ because sites like Den of Geek and PC Gamer seem to be having trouble reconciling ‘CYBERPUNK 2077 is a total failure’ with ‘the game in 2020 sold 13.7 million units and only 30 thousand buyers asked for refunds.’ There’s a lot of speculation on just why this happened, and it’s entirely possible that CD Projekt Red is spinning the results somehow*. But here’s another possibility: maybe the remarkably good sale/refund ratio is because most people bought this game for the PC.

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Conan Exiles 2.4 finally dropped.

Downloading it now.

Tweet of the Day, Be Afraid. Be VERY Afra- WHY ARE YOU STILL READING THIS?! RUN! RUN, YOU FOOLS!!!!! edition.

This rarely ends well.

The alpha read of MORGAN BAROD has been processed.

This bad boy clocks in at just over 85,000 words. Now comes the fun part: the beta read. And the alpha-reread. And the edits. And more edits. And MOAR EDITS, until the end of time.

If you want to be in on the beta read, drop me a line. I am running a little behind, so quick turnover would be helpful.

Sony to Netflix to… Mouse.

Ha! Was able to match the original scansion. Anyway: “Disney has set a massive movie licensing pact with Sony Pictures for the U.S. that promises to bring Spider-Man and other Marvel properties to Disney Plus starting with Sony’s 2022 release slate… The agreement comes on the heels of Sony’s output deal with Netflix for titles in the lucrative post-theatrical release Pay 1 window.”

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