The TALES FROM THE FERMI RESOLUTION Backerkit store will be open soon.

Cash from the Kickstarter got sent today, so I have Backerkit reviewing everything and soon we’ll be doing a smoke test to make sure that everything’s working right. Then people can lock in their orders. The collection is still in first edits, mind you – but that will change soon.

In other news, did not get to the second pass-through on REVISIONARY, and am waiting on edits for the RPG worldbook (the last bit of business from the first Kickstarter); those two projects will be resolved soon, though. Just in time for Christmas! Although I think the RPG worldbook needs more work. I’ll decide when I see the final result.

Tweet of the Day, It’s Over. Damn Them, But It’s Over edition.

They won. We fought them, and they won. They finally get to kill the movie theaters.

Fine. I guess I have to go get HBO F*cking Max now.

The LUPIN ‘I Find This Aesthetic Confusing’ Netflix trailer.

Is this… dubbed? Or is LUPIN just really out of sync? I dunno about the latter: I expect Netflix to have better sound production values. It’s probably dubbed. But why didn’t they just go with subtitles?

Moe Lane

PS: Yeah, I was kind of hoping for a Lupin the 3rd, too. Ah, to be twenty-three again… no, wait, that would be a mistake. Never mind.