The MORGAN BAROD author copies are in!

No pictures, because I don’t know where my phone is. But I have enough to send out a few author copies and have a guaranteed supply for Fright Reads next month, so that’s cool. Still haven’t decided whether or not to do the Frederick Comic-Con in November, though. It’s fairly close to Thanksgiving.

In other news: work has started on the additional art for the Fermi Resolution RPG supplement! Once I get those assets and the limited editing job back, off the whole thing goes to a layout person. And then it will be off of my plate forever and ever, praise God. And huzzah.

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I am looking for Maryland book fairs in November/December.

I’m doing Fright Reads in October, so I know that one — but I’d like to get some more vending opportunities in this fall to sell my books. I’ve already seen the Silver Spring seasonal fairs, but I can’t afford to spend $300 on a table*. I’m looking for book fairs or cons that are FSF/Horror friendly, and preferably ones that are relatively easy to get to. Suggestions welcome!


*I’m not saying it’s a bad investment. I’m just saying that I’m unlikely to sell out my entire stock at a seasonal fair, which what it would currently take for me to make a profit under those circumstances.