The June Patreon stuff is up!

Huzzah! And my kinda-sort mini-vacation is almost at an end.


Eric Flint’s RIVERS OF WAR series to finally resume!

This is excellent news:

For those unaware, Rivers of War is Flint’s alternate history of the American frontier. He picked an interesting divergence point (Sam Houston only getting slightly wounded at a particular battle), and then things went interestingly weird from there. So interestingly weird I had to delete the details, because spoilers.

It’s one of my favorite series, and I’ve been waiting years for Flint to get past two books in it. Something to look forward to in 2023!


I may be a little burned out.

My wife thinks I should take a few days off. And I guess she’s not wrong, but… there’s nobody else to do the work. If I’m a writer, I gotta do the writing. And the ‘net is full of people who ‘took a few days off’ and hey, whoops, it’s ten years later. Webcomics in particular are infamous for having it happen.

That being said, I suppose it wouldn’t be awful if I just got this month’s Patreon stuff ready, and then start the new month fresh.

The Robert Heinlein – Life-Line Graphic Novel Kickstarter.

The Robert Heinlein – Life-Line Graphic Novel Kickstarter looks fun. Even if the story is so absolutely good-naturedly infuriating.

Why? Because ‘Life-Line’ was Heinlein’s first story. His first freaking story. And it sold. Instantly. And he got the money on time too, I bet. …It’s enough to make one start day-drinking.

Patreon Microfiction: A Moment of Weakness.

“A Moment Of Weakness” reminds us that temptation can run the other way, too. And that, for all its pretensions, Evil seems to have a difficult time sustaining its sway. Its fires burn fiercely; but usually quickly, too. …Or so I believe.


Book of the Week: Isolate: A Novel in the Grand Illusion.

I’m still trying to figure out if I like L.E. Modesitt’s Isolate: A Novel in the Grand Illusion. It’s gaslamp psionics (some people can project emotions; some people are really susceptible to that, others are totally immune), mixed with political intrigue. But our hero… takes meetings. On things like guild complaints that fine arts products are being classified as cookware, in order to avoid a higher import tariff. This isn’t exactly riveting stuff.

On the other hand, I like Modesitt’s writing style, and the world is promising to be sliding into interesting times. So, there’s that.


Second and third wave of TINSEL RAIN books away!

‘Second wave’ being the big orders and ‘third wave’ being various comp copies of TINSEL RAIN. Everything left over is a they-haven’t-done-their-survey situation, but that’s fine. Usually there’s a few who don’t, and I can just nag and nag and nag until they get around to it.

But the books are on their way! Some are even showing up as having been shipped, so you should start seeing your signed copies next week. Huzzah!

Moe Lane

PS: Let me know if you don’t get your books, or if there are any problems.


All right. First wave of TINSEL RAIN books, mailed…

…second wave of TINSEL RAIN books will go out tomorrow, once I’ve confirmed some addresses; and the third wave of books will have to wait upon surveys. So if you haven’t gotten yours, check to see first if you’ve filled out your surveys.

But the big part is absolutely done:

By the way: that’s just a freaking branch. I don’t live in Australia.