The Snyder Cut will cost 70 million to reshoot.

All is proceeding as I have foreseen.

The so-called “Snyder Cut” of “Justice League” will be a 4-hour-long, episodic presentation on HBO MAX, created with a budget of around $70 million. And while initial reporting held that no additional filming would occur and new material would largely consist of special effects work, that clearly has changed.

…Yes. Yes, clearly it has. Geektyrant feels, I think, that Zac Snyder has captured HBO Max’s heart so tightly that they’re going to give him all this money. As for me? …Well. I suspect another part of HBO Max’s anatomy is involved.

‘Star Wars, but it’s Mission Impossible.’

(Via GeekTyrant) Took me a second to realize why no James Earl Jones.

The conceit here is that these are all the good guys — including Peter Cushing, who is clearly going to do a face-heel turn in the show and that’s the twist. Jones is playing an obvious villain, and they don’t get cast billing (or whatever the term is) in a show like Mission: Impossible, since it’s an ensemble show with a bad guy of the week. This is really a pretty clever conceit.

I TOLD you Snyder would get to shoot more scenes for JUSTICE LEAGUE.

I absolutely freaking told all of you. They told Zac Snyder ‘No’ when they signed him to do The Snyder Cut of JUSTICE LEAGUE, he smiled and nodded in apparent agreement, and then I said “Won’t work.” And here we now are:

THR is now reporting that additional scenes will, in fact, be shot with Ben Affleck as Batman, Henry Cavill as Superman, Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, and Ray Fisher as Cyborg. These reshoots will take place next month.

See? Listen to Uncle Moe, for he is wise and cynical in these things. …And probably stuck with getting HBO Max now. Yay.

The ‘Unsure of the Worldbuilding’ LOVE AND MONSTERS trailer.

It’s not an awful conceit, but

…if a bunch of plucky protagonists can make it from Point A to Point B with nothing but their wits and a little kinetic energy, then the goram USAF could have pushed the damn monsters back with a whole lot of kinetic energy, in the form of a bunch of A-10 Warthogs and their Happy Mandatory Fun Time GAU-Avenger rotary cannons. I mean: how could depleted uranium rounds do any worse than arrows, in this situation?

Oh, well, they’ll probably explain it away at some point.

The ‘Every Streaming Service’ Honest Trailer.

Not gonna lie: I was wondering whether Honest Trailers was scraping the bottom of the barrel with this one. But if they did, the barrel had been incompetently emptied earlier, because ‘Every Streaming Service’ is funny. Sometimes brutally so.

Moe Lane

…The Snyder Cut and all the DC stuff might get me to try out HBO Max. I’ll admit it, I’m not proud.