This is an awesome Werner Herzog interview on skateboarders.

Today was a bit of a dumpster fire – the Internet was giving us grief all day, which is more of a problem now than it was in the Time Before – but this is… nice. Not in a wishy-washy sense, but in an ‘everybody’s chill and cool right now and man but I’d like to grab a beer with Werner Herzog.” He seems like a Righteous Dude.

I am suspicious of this GODZILLA VS. KONG trailer.

It seems determined to make me root for Kong, which is of course ridiculous. I have nothing against the personalized metaphor for American involvement in Southeast Asia, but I am firmly on the side of the personalized metaphor for the Pax Americana. I can only assume that something – probably the personalized metaphor for… ah, well, people are holding out hope for Mechagodzilla, so whatever that metaphor is – is responsible for the problem, and once fixed Kong and Godzilla will turn around and pound the crap out of that.

Moe Lane

PS: This and Wonder Woman ’84 (which I still like!) and Justice League is why we got HBO Max. Although the rest of the DC stuff is popular with my wife and kids.

First look at INVINCIBLE.

Coming to Amazon in March, INVINCIBLE is “described as a suspenseful, action-filled, emotion-packed show that builds upon poignant and heartwarming moments of love, friendship, and humanity.” …Okay! 

The hastily-renamed THE MITCHELLS VS. THE MACHINES trailer.

They used to call it CONNECTED, but that was before Western Civilization’s middle class spent the last year stuck in their houses 24/7. I’m guessing the title cuts just a littttttle too close to the bone, now. THE MITCHELLS VS. THE MACHINES sounds a lot more attractive, hey?

Originally meant for theaters, but now it’ll be on Netflix, eventually. …And oh, but how the ironies pile up.

An animated FROM DUSK TILL DAWN is under production.

I assume it will not be rated PG: “For those of you who are fans of Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino’s vampire horror film, From Dusk Till Dawn, you might be excited to learn that there’s an animated series in development that’s set in that universe.” And… it does not actually sound bad, either. Rodriguez apparently wants it all to be about Aztec vampire lore, which could be both gory, and fun. Not gonna lie: I liked Certain Dark Things, although I suspect this is not going to be that.

The ‘DGAF’ BOSS LEVEL trailer.

I was wondering what BOSS LEVEL might offer that would distinguish itself from movies like, say, EDGE OF TOMORROW. Turns out the answer is “USE OR LOSE THE EXPLODY-BUDGET, BOYS! AND CLEAN OUT THE TROPES BOX WHILE YOU’RE AT IT!”

(Via GeekTyrant) This is not a criticism. I’m honestly more likely to see this movie than EDGE OF TOMORROW. It has the potential to amuse.

Tweet of the Day, Do-Doo-Dur Disney+ BORK BORK BORK Edition.

This is the good stuff. The pure quill. The gold standard against which everything else is measured.

Via @GenevieveCogman.