The GODZILLA VS. KONG Honest Trailer.

I guess Honest Trailers doesn’t wait anymore, when it’s streaming. They also understand the fundamental thing about GODZILLA VS. KONG: this movie cannot be judged by the usual criteria. It is about spectacle, pure and simple. They also picked up on the retro-conspiracy theory, which I kind of wish this series would go and run with. I like me a good Merovingian fish-man plot movie…

Finally figured out what’s been bothering me about the latest Batman designs.

And it’s always the same thing:

You can’t see the dang symbol in the dark. As Frank Miller’s Batman once famously pointed out, he wears a big target on his chest because he can’t armor his head. (I even think they referenced that here.)

Moe Lane

PS: As I have noted before, I am tentatively down for Violent Goth Batman. It’s a legitimate take on the character. Annnnnd… dammit, they’re still not doing a animated version of THE DOOM THAT CAME TO GOTHAM. What, DC doesn’t like money?

THE TRENCH gets killed with a trident*.

I was looking forward to THE TRENCH, too. This is too bad: “”As part of our DC slate, some legacy development titles including New Gods and The Trench will not be moving forward,” Warner Bros. and DC said in a statement. “We thank our partners Ava DuVernay, Tom King, James Wan and Peter Safran for their time and collaboration during this process and look forward to our continued partnership with them on other DC stories. The projects will remain in their skillful hands if they were to move forward in the future.””

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