SCA/Flogging Molly this weekend!

New baron and baroness stepping up, so everybody’s on deck to help out with that. I get to make sure everything’s set up and so on and so forth. I also expect to be out there in the parking lot, at some point. Yay.

And after that: Sunday is Flogging Molly! I have a ticket. Hopefully, I won’t be so wiped that I can’t go, but we’ll see. The good news there is, it’s just off the Green Line in DC. Getting home should be straightforward.

The Spielberg WEST SIDE STORY trailer.

It’s not… terrible? If you like WEST SIDE STORY in general, that is. I never thought it was all that great, honestly. A couple of the songs weren’t bad, though.

Also, it’s been sixty years since the last one, so it’s fair game for a remake. Not sure why Spielberg’s eager to do one; this is the sort of thing you’d do as the cinematic equivalent of a masterwork, except that Steven Blooming Spielberg already did one of those with SCHINDLER’S LIST. I dunno. Maybe he just likes WSS more than I do.