Tweet of the Day, This Penny Arcade Strip Is A Creative Inspiration To Me edition.

Straight up. If I have an impulse in my horror fiction, it is to create new, dark mythologies. Ones with half-seen depths and grim solidities; the sort of thing where, when you encounter the monster, a look past it will reveal an entire bone-chilling world where the monster makes logical sense. This strip encourages me to keep on with that.

Honestly, it’s not so much the existing pressure.

It’s the possibility that the pressure might be relieved in the future that… itches. I want everything put back the way it was, like, now. Obviously that’s not going to happen, but I want it to anyway. That can make me grouchy, like it did today. Grouchy and snappish over little things.

There’s going to be so much vacation time when this is all over…

Tweet of the Day, This Is So Inside Blog-Ball Funny It Makes My Sides Hurt edition.

I cannot really explain the 4chan/LaBeouf flag thing. It was kind of like… kind of like… kind of like the 4chan/LaBeouf flag thing. It defies explanation, and barely tolerates analysis. But agree with it or not (on reflection, it was far too stalker-y for my personal taste), the Tweet below is comedy gold. Gold, Jerry! GOLD!

Tweet of the Day, I Kind Of Want To Write This One Up edition.

It’s a killer concept…

…and I played with it a little in the response, trying to expand on the idea while keeping it legitimately horrific. It’d be easy enough to make it almost cutesy, but where’s the fun in THAT?

The GoFundMe for my old buddy Eric Burns-White.

He literally had a ceiling fall on him.

Eric’s fine, but he and his wife have to move out again while they fix the problem, and there are health issues involved, and… you know. It’s been a week/year/decade. He’s a good dude and writer (his book just came out!): I can happily vouch for his character.

Today is Newsletter Day!

As in, the day I send in the SCA Baronial newsletter. Not a bad task, just time-consuming. It also helps me keep track of what’s going on in the Barony, which is nice, because I sometimes have trouble paying attention to stuff. But there’s always last-minute things to do…

Moe Lane

PS: I dunno why I’m telling you this, either. Probably because I spent the morning making sure I didn’t miss anything.