There is a mysterious rocket body crater on the moon.

Somebody should go and take a closer look at it. …And pretty soon, we should actually be able to. We are so tantalizingly close to actually having rocketships…

Via @RobinDLaws.

The Widdershins Apothecary Enamel Pins and Stickers Kickstarter.

My kid likes strange and often macabre pins, so the Widdershins Apothecary Enamel Pins and Stickers Kickstarter stuff will be right up his alley. Besides, Kate Ashwin does one of my favorite webcomics. One of these days I’ll get her to do cover art for me…

Tweet of the Day, It Is Totally A Butt edition.

We care about the important questions, here at

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Tweet of the Day, I Have A Different Reaction To Nerf’s Murph edition.

It is not a thing of horror to me.

It is a thing that can be consumed. Consumed in the whispering fire of a hungry full-auto Nerf machine gun. And, oh, yes: play shall be unleashed. So much play…

Tweet of the Day, Who Am *I* To Argue With The Man? edition.

I can’t wait for this quote to show up on my Amazon Author’s page. And I used all of the ambassador’s names in the quote, too. Because


Happy Fathers Day!

I can never remember where the apostrophe goes. And no, I’m not going look it up. I don’t feel like looking it up, frankly. I feel like puttering around and maybe going to get some fresh air, because it’s nice out. I got a baronial meeting this evening, and not a damned thing to do between now and then.

Anyway, Happy Father[‘]s[‘] Day, to all the dads out there!