Lawyer abandons law to start professional beer pong league.

(Alerted by Baseball Crank) I had a choice: I could consider this a sign of America’s ultimate decline, or else one that we really were still so Unbelievably Awesome that a picture of our country could heal.

I went with Awesome.

Drop in the Cup: Associate Leaves Am Law for Beer Pong

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Heh. Blade Runner reference in Freefall.

Comic here: main comic here. Blade Runner is one of those movies that would be one of my favorites, if it weren’t for the fact that I’m not exactly sure which one of the seven versions is my favorite; or whether the version that is my favorite actually exists.  It’s entirely possible that I’m picking and choosing to create an idealized gestalt Blade Runner in my head.

Which, by the way, is a notion that Philip K. Dick would have loved.

Not Watching the Watchmen over on RedState.

Warner Todd Huston, my colleague over at RedState, has written something on Alan Moore‘s Watchmen comic series: the fact that it’s titled “Unheroic Superheroes, Watch out for the Watchmen” suggests that he’s not likely to be going to go see the film, to put it mildly (he’s gone into more detail here, although I haven’t read it yet). Continue reading Not Watching the Watchmen over on RedState.

And now, a tiger hugging a man.

tigerhug Provided via, solely for the purpose of allowing you to reset your brain and attitude for the evening and let you get your pulse down a couple of beats.

All that being said, though: bacon salt.. Bacon salt will make you happy. At least, it will make you happy if you also have mashed potatoes. And why don’t you have mashed potatoes, anyway? They’re not hard to make: scrub a potato down, cut it into quarters, dump it into boiling water, come back in a half hour, drain, add a little real milk, a little real butter, and, well, mash them up until it looks right. Then add the bacon salt and more butter.

Simple, really.

Moe Lane

A plethora of Trail of Cthulhu / Esoterrorist resources.

Although I should probably come up with something more squamous than “plethora.”

Anyway: I think that I’ve previously mentioned Trail of Cthulhu, which is Ken Hite’s exceptionally good sourcebook for 1930’s-style Cthulhu Mythos roleplaying (the default time period is actually the 1920s, which is of course a completely different style from a roleplaying standard) for the GUMSHOE system, which is an attempt to create a roleplaying game that is actually designed to accommodate mysteries and investigation.  It’s the same game engine that’s used by Robin Laws’ The Esoterrorists, which more of a modern occult-horror investigation/repression game.

Good gaming stuff, in other words – and Steve Jackson Games is selling supplements for both Trail of Cthulhu and The Esoterrorists as part of their PDF publishing service. Significant savings over the dead-tree version, instantly accessible, good stuff with which to get your geek on – a nice deal all around.  Check them out