The return of the Tyranny of Pants.

My children were not entirely happy to be told they’d have to wear full sets of clothing again. Well, except for socks. They’re supposed to, but neither didn’t and I think they both think they’ve put one over on their old man. I figured it was best to give ’em both at least one small victory.

Moe Lane

PS: Going fine, except when the county’s computer network freezes up under the sudden pressure. But that’s only happened six, seven times so far. In the last hour. I wonder how counties without any money are doing right now?

School starts tomorrow!

…Which doesn’t have the same ring to it when it effectively means I start the new unpaid job tomorrow! Then again, we enjoy the nigh-obscene luxury of having parents home to minimize the situation; I was a stay-at-home already and my wife is still telecommuting. Based on the emails and messages coming out from the schools, there are a lot of kids in this county who will not have anybody to help them this semester with, well, pretty much everything.

I don’t think this is entirely fair to them, but I don’t really know what I can do about it, either.

Not too much done today.

Worked on the sonnet, and attended Zoom meetings about next week’s back-to-sitting-in-front-of-their-computers-to-do-lessons-while-I-play-administrative-assistant schedule for my kids. And I shouldn’t even really complain. Reading between the lines, I think the county schools are assuming that the kids are going to be at home by themselves and trying to navigate all of this while their parents are at work. Since my wife is still telecommuting and this is my job… welp. I’m sure other people would be happy to trade with me.

The Drift Compatible Podcast interviews… me!

It’s always a pleasure to talk with Brent – particularly when it’s about my new book FROZEN DREAMS. If you ‘do’ podcasts and read this site, I suspect that you’ll find Drift Compatible amenable. And, of course, their taste is obviously impeccable. Check ’em out.

Tweet of the Day, Manu Will Take Care Of It edition.

Ain’t gonna lie: I’m waiting on lunch to see how this plays out.

Because Manu is coming to take care of it. And I don’t think he’s happy to be visiting, either.

Via @UrsulaV.

Tweet of the Day, I Would FREAK If It Happened To My Kid edition.

Seriously, it’s really, really good that they captioned this with the disclaimer that the kid is fine. I don’t think I could watch it, otherwise. As it was… that’d be a hell of an amusement park ride.