Yeeeah you may want to punch the panic button regarding the Twitch hack.

This… doesn’t sound great.

They’re not saying user information is involved in the Twitch breach, but you’d have to be insane to trust a 4chan leaker. If you use Twitch, I would recommend changing passwords and slap on two-factor authorization. I know it’s a pain in the ass, but so are people getting your credit card number.

Introducing the homemade NERF Scorpion!

That’s scorpion as in ‘muzzle-loading field artillery,’ because that’s what this thing is. Although admittedly it uses pressurized air instead of torsion energy.

Via GeekTyrant. And let me be clear about this: this is a proof-of-concept canned-air siege weapon. At half power and a 45 degree elevation it can lob a PVC and plastic projectile 250 feet; the (blunt) missile can crack a concrete block at full strength, and point-blank range. I may steal this idea for my next Morgan Barod novel. Or at least figure out how to hand-wave it away.

Moe Lane

@bfleuter’s Liches Get Stitches pins available for sale!

I already ordered the Glitch and the Earth pins: I want the former, my eldest wants the latter.

Note that I borrowed the name for my recent short story, not the other way around. I checked first, obviously. Ben was cool about it; but then, he’s a righteous dude.

Tweet of the Day, Florida DUDE edition.

“Florida Man” does not have the right connotations for this exhibition of righteous stuff. Somebody buy this man beer and wings.

Via @BrianFaughnan.

Today was… weirdly productive/unproductive.

I got everything done, eventually, but none of it was linear. We were all running around and disrupting our schedules and the rest of it, so my benchmarks are all off. And, to be truthful: I’m looking forward to the month being over. Because next month is October, and that means Halloween.

And by GOD I’m not going to be the only one doing Halloween this year.