Patreon Microfiction: The Universe Is Always An Empty Place.

In “The Universe Is Always An Empty Place,” I imagine that they are. Nobody ever asks deathworlders if they like being that way. Probably because what would they do if we said ‘yes?’


Patreon! Patreon! So good they called it PATREON!

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…Sorry about that, but a lot of what I worked on today involved how best to advertise my stuff in 2022. This is a year where I need to ramp stuff up, as it were. I spent a year learning, and another year refining what I learned; now it’s time to apply the knowledge.

Moe Lane

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Patreon Microfiction: Professional Pride.

This dude from ‘Professional Pride’ isn’t really a good dude. He’s got a job to do, sure – but that job is to try to make you suffer for eternity, and he enjoys doing it. And yet: he knows he’s right, bless it; and so does everybody else. But nobody will do anything about it. Hell really is other people, huh?


The December Patreon stuff!

Done, done, done. Short story AND getting TINSEL RAIN to a first draft: I must have been tripping. But it’s over, and for the rest of the night I have no deadlines! Huzzah for me.

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