Patreon Flash Fiction: “Fried Potato Stuffing With Cow Shell.”

Seriously, a dragon would totally eat “Fried Potato Stuffing With Cow Shell.” Shoot, wouldn’t you? Who among us would object to a nice, flame-kissed steak that had a crispy potato filling? …Well, except for the people who can’t/won’t eat steak, of course. That’s a fair point. Hrm.


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My (Patrons Only, alas) ‘Space Station 23’s Number One Official!’

I don’t normally mention when I put something up there, but in “Space Station 23’s Number One Official!” case… well. May a merciful God forgive me for the next story that I write in this universe. It’s gonna be. Well. Yeah.

Patreon Microfiction: ‘Mission Statement.’

Mission Statement” examines a problem that any group with access to power must address: what do you do to keep down the number of jerks looking for access to that power?  This, I feel, is not addressed enough in modern fantasy. And when it is, it typically goes too far in the other direction and just gets rid of the jerks entirely. I feel that this is also not an optimal result.

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