The @SJGames GURPS Pyramid Scheme Kickstarter.

Steve Jackson Games is bringing back their Pyramid magazine, or at least testing out bringing back Pyramid. The GURPS Pyramid Scheme Kickstarter looks like it’s digital-only, which makes sense. It’s also a bit of a relief. I didn’t do their Car Wars Kickstarter because my question on the origins of the physical materials was… ah, not answered to my satisfaction. But this looks safe enough.

In the Mail/Email: Bring Me the Head of the Comte de Saint-Germain (UNKNOWN ARMIES).

The print version of Bring Me the Head of the Comte de Saint-Germain is making its way to me even as we speak, but Atlas Games reminded me that I got the digital version, and I actually sat down to read it. It’s for the Unknown Armies underground occult RPG, and I am pleased that the game line is being supported, at least a little. So many good ones no longer are.

Moe Lane

PS: Pretty much what it says in the title, really. Although admittedly the head is stone, and weighs 600 pounds. But that’s mostly because it’s really, really funny to watch four to six intelligent people try to figure out how to move something that ridiculous.

Up on Patreon: My complete UNFILTERED Spooky Space Opera RPG setting (paywall).

I am trying to encourage the Patreon, after all. I expect that at some point I will make UNFILTERED generally available, though. To give you an idea of what it’s like:

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In Nomine Revisited: The Temptations of YHVH.

Forbidden Book:

The Temptations of YHVH

It’s usually safe to assume that any book that’s currently in Yves’ Special Collection doesn’t exist anywhere else – provided, of course, that the Main Enemy didn’t write it. Destiny works in strange and mysterious ways, and its Servitors do their best to add efficiency to the mix. They tend to enjoy virtually perfect records in tracking down almost all of the really dangerous tomes (‘dangerous’ in the sense of ‘semantic equivalent of a neutron bomb, with a yield to match’). They are, in fact, nigh-infallible in that regard.

Please note that a good number of qualifiers were used in the above paragraph. The Temptations of YHVH is the reason why: the Damned book doesn’t want to stay in one place.

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About half a day left on the CYBERPUNK 2020 Humble RPG Book Bundle.

Humble is offering a good deal for the money, although there’s a reason why the video game is CYBERPUNK 2077 instead of CYBERPUNK 2020. The game got dated really quickly, starting with the assumption that the Soviet Union would somehow survive and going on from there. Flipping through the various texts, I was also struck at how much better the real 2020’s environment is when compared to what 1989 thought 2020’s environment would be like. Important safety tip, kids: date your future histories so that the main events will happen after you likely die. It avoids a lot of awkwardness later.

Still, check it out.