BRING ME THE HEAD OF THE COMTE DE SAINT-GERMAIN (Unknown Armies) available for pre-order.

Just what it says on the tin: Atlas Games is making their Unknown Armies adventure BRING ME THE HEAD OF THE COMTE DE SAINT-GERMAIN available for presale. Pre-order the physical book, get the PDF now and the book itself in January. Pretty good deal there, folks.

The Dracula Dossier Bundle of Holding.

…Look, whatever the amount on the The Dracula Dossier Bundle of Holding (RPG: vampire spy mashup that features, go figure, Dracula) ends up being, just get the whole damn thing. Totally worth it. You should also consider buying a print copy of DRACULA UNREDACTED, which is… difficult to describe. But worth it to have in your hands as a book, or the mother of all in-game props.

Book of the Week: Vampire: The Masquerade: Fall of London.

I picked up Vampire: The Masquerade: Fall of London this week, and now I want to run it. The only question is: do I want to run it in VtM — or in Night’s Black Agents, and have the PCs play the vampire hunters of Operation Antigen? Because it’d port over beautifully to NBA.

Go figure.

In Nomine Revisited: Rikbah, Mercurian of Lightning.

Some of the most fun things I ever did on the old In Nomine email lists was to hurt people’s heads by taking details about the game world to their logical conclusions. I feel no shame in this. It was good for them!

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In Nomine Revisited: Fort Kanaloa

Fort Kanaloa

There is a section of Hades that was clearly designed and laid out to be a seaport, complete with an artificial harbor and coastal fortifications.  There is, of course, no ocean in the celestial plane – at least, no ocean now – so the Port District instead looms over a barren plane of rock, stretching all the way to the metaphorical horizon.  This being Hell, any useful equipment or materials were carted off long ago; but the buildings themselves remain. And of them, Fort Kanaloa is easily the most important.

It is not a particularly well-favored building, seeing as it was clearly designed to be the primary defense of the port in case of a seaborne invasion by Heaven*.  The fort stretches for easily several miles, taking up the entirety of what was once a breakwater and is now a sheer cliff, and its dirty grey stone barely contrasts against Hades’ ever-present smog.  There are no real windows, only narrow gaps in the walls where unknown weapons presumably were once kept.  

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The September Patreon stuff is up.

Although I reserve the right to swap out the RPG setting for something else next month. It’s a good idea, but it needs just a touch of something.

  • Impurities: A Cthulhu Mythos story about things I know nothing about, really! But since when has that ever stopped anybody!
  • The Elmerite Order: a mystical bunch of your standard hidden magicians in an uncaring world, only they’re being more or less subsidized for it.