GURPS stuff on Bundle of Holding.

GURPS 4E Essentials, GURPS 4E Fantasy, and GURPS 4E Space. I can recommend the game line: I have all of the stuff available in print, of course, and most of the PDF-only materials. Even at forty bucks for the extended deal it’s good value for the money. You’ve got a few weeks to acquire them, although the extended deal price will only go up…

New/Old/It’s Complicated GURPS Stuff!

Of most immediate interest to me is Fourth Edition GURPS Adaptations, which gives you advice on how to convert existing fictional worlds for your game. There’s also GURPS Template Toolkit 1: Characters, which is mostly technical advice on creating efficient game characters; GURPS Dungeon Fantasy Setting: Caverntown, which seems rather straightforward; and a reprint of the Third Edition GURPS Discworld Also, which I have a playtest credit for. And, yes: that was totally cool, and I am fairly pleased with myself for scoring the aforementioned credit.


The GURPS GIRL GENIUS Kickstarter drops 10/20/21.

I wonder how fast it’ll fund. Depends on the amount, I guess. Anything under twenty grand, blink and you’ll miss it. But if they’re trying to pre-fund a print run, it’ll be higher, and that’ll take longer. Like, say, a day.

Moe Lane

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