I am contemplating reviving an old In Nomine project.

No, not the kind of infamous Tattered Symphony one from WAY back in the day: it was a group effort, the files are scattered and I don’t remember who wrote some of them, and to be honest parts of it aged hideously (it was mostly done pre-9/11, which should give you a hint). What I was actually thinking of was my half-developed Matter of Poughkeepsie; I think that I could maybe finish it, because who knows when new In Nomine content is coming out?  Mind you, this would be strictly for fun, and for when I’m not working on stuff for money*. Which is less time than I’d like.

Thoughts, folks?  It’s for a game system that most of my regular readers don’t even play, to be honest. That might make it not really cost-effective to do, alas.

Moe Lane

*I’m confident that I can’t put any of it – or other licensed material – on Patreon, and I’m not going to even try.


In Nomine Revisited: The Spark (Jean’s Desk)

This one I pulled because somebody was looking for it specifically and emailed me over it; since I’m processing it anyway, I should put it up.  Let me reveal the punchline, for anybody not steeped in In Nomine fanon: there was a theory among IN fans that Raphael, Archangel of Knowledge and Jean, Archangel of Lightning were somehow linked (I typically just treated them as ‘husband and wife’ and was done with it). Which was particularly interesting because both Archangels were Elohim, which in IN means that they were supposed to be perfectly objective Spock-types… this explanation is getting long. Buy the book!

Anyway, the ‘she’ at the end refers to Raphael.


The Spark (Jean’s Desk)

Daniel now had to locate a chair; all the blood in his legs seemed to be rushing into his brain.

“If that is true,” he said, “then everything you proved before about point objects – for example that they move along conic section trajectories – “

“Applies without alteration to spherical bodies.”

“To real things.” Daniel had a queer vision just then of a shattered Temple reconstituting itself: fallen columns rising up from the rubble, and the rubble re-aggregating itself into cherubim and seraphim, a fire sparking on the central altar. “You’ve done it, then… created the System of the World.”

– Neal Stephenson, Quicksilver, page 686



Item Seed: Winston Churchill’s Walking Cane.



Winston Churchill’s Walking Cane


This is the walking cane that Winston Churchill carried throughout World War II. As you might imagine, it can have a certain resonance, in the right hands. And if it ever ends up in the wrong ones, well, the pyrotechnics could be entertaining.  Also, messy.



Steve Jackson Games doing more with Amazon Createspace.

Basically, Amazon Createspace allows companies like Steve Jackson Games to release titles (in this case, GURPS titles) for softcover print-on-demand. They’ve already tried this with three existing titles: now SJG is going to try three more. If there’s enough demand, SJG will start assigning staff to convert more titles. There’s the faintest possibility of a suggestion of a hint that ‘even older titles’ might be made available, which could mean 3rd edition GURPS, or – dare I hope it? – In Nomine.



In Nomine Revisited: The Alkahest Projector.

I’m pulling this one from the archives because I saw this on Twitter this morning, and I said chlorine trifluoride without looking. And lo! It was.  …Chlorine Trifluoride is fascinating stuff, really.  It’s like a critical success on your Chemistry roll… or possibly a critical failure.  Or, insanely: both.


The Alkahest Projector [10pt]

Because in 1008 AD they didn’t really have “pistols” or “muskets,” that’s why.  They still had to call it something. (more…)


Ethereal Domain: Miyazaki’s World. [In Nomine]

Please note: the nature of the In Nomine game world largely requires this to be a horror setting. Sorry about that.  I’m not too thrilled about it, either, but you go where the writeup takes you.




In Nomine Revisited: Superior Relics (Justice and Mercy).

This one actually is still on the Internet, at an old site of mine – but when I looked at it I realized that the layout needed fixing. Put the stats for the item next to the description, not at the end where people have to flip through the entire thing to look them up.  Sheesh, younger-me.  Sheesh.

Anyway, since it needed editing anyway


Superior Relics: Justice & Mercy

Justice & Mercy

Superior Relics: Judgment

These two relics are considered by many to be symbolic of the larger struggle within Judgment; whether this is actually True, or just propaganda, is up to the individual campaign. Both relics are exceptionally old; they, in fact, date back to the First Rebellion. They are also both exclusively associated with Dominic’s female persona Dominique. Justice and Mercy are otherwise very different. (more…)


Lei Feng [In Nomine]


Lei Feng

Marxist Deity


Corporeal Forces: 4 Strength: 10 Agility: 6

Ethereal Forces: 4 Intelligence: 8 Precision: 8

Celestial Forces: 5 Will: 12 Perception: 8

Vessel: Human male/6, Charisma +2


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