Just got the pencil work for my ‘Pickman’s Model’ picture.

It looks good! …And more than a touch decadent, in a respectably scandalous Edwardian sort of way. Which is what I ordered, so I am pleased. My ‘Pickman’s Model’ project should be completed enough to actually sell the story some time in mid-July*, so keep an eye on my author page…

Moe Lane

*Backers will get it earlier. I’m hoping it’ll be ready by the end of the month for them, but no promises.

Spent the evening working on site maps.

The event’s Saturday. We need to have a map of the site – where the official tents go, where the unofficial tents go, guide rope issues, that sort of thing – by Friday night, so that we can get the big tents up then and coordinate the smaller ones on Saturday. So I spent the evening scribbling away on the computer. Fortunately, the site is dead easy to draw.

It’s funny. Everywhere else, my ability to make maps on the fly was subject to at least mild respect and approval. I never had anybody gasp, but they were impressed. But in the SCA, it’s… expected, really. After all, we all learned it the same way: via D&D.

Ben Fleuter’s “Liches Get Stitches – Elemental Enamel Pins” Kickstarter.

The Liches Get Stitches – Elemental Enamel Pins Kickstarter isn’t affiliated with the short story of the same name that I’m suddenly writing, except in the sense that I asked Ben if it was okay if I ran with the title and he said that it was. The entire idea for said story just popped into my head, and it’s amusing – never mind! Ben’s making enamel pins! Back it! Hit the stretch goals, so I can get the glitch one!