Tweet of the Previous Weekend, This Is Getting Excitingly Dull, Fast edition.

Oh, look. It was just another successful private space mission. This one happened to be manned, fully automated, and involved multiple orbits. Oh, yes, and there were the usual reusable booster and all the rest of the things SpaceX does, sure, sure.

How… prosaic.

The “Because we could” Marvel’s HIT-MONKEY series trailer.

It’s not that Marvel is drunk on its power, exactly. Why, that would imply that there is an alternative state of consciousness for the company. Seriously, when it comes to new programming Marvel’s pitch team has been continuously ripped to the gills for the last decade and a half, and here’s the latest bit of evidence for that:

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The MORGAN BAROD author copies are in!

No pictures, because I don’t know where my phone is. But I have enough to send out a few author copies and have a guaranteed supply for Fright Reads next month, so that’s cool. Still haven’t decided whether or not to do the Frederick Comic-Con in November, though. It’s fairly close to Thanksgiving.

In other news: work has started on the additional art for the Fermi Resolution RPG supplement! Once I get those assets and the limited editing job back, off the whole thing goes to a layout person. And then it will be off of my plate forever and ever, praise God. And huzzah.

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