The Goodreads Best Books of 2020 Contest!

Just what it says on the tin. Here’s the link: and if you want to go ahead and write in FROZEN DREAMS under the Fantasy category I’m certainly not going to stop you*. As they say: it’s just an honor to be self-nominated.

Moe Lane

*Although A Deadly Education was… dear God but that was a good book. I read it something like three times in a row. I can’t wait for the sequel. :pause: Okay, yes, I’m arguing against interest but there’s no shame in losing anything to Naomi Novik.

10/26/20 Update, TALES FROM THE FERMI RESOLUTION Kickstarter.

Welp, it looks like another stalled-out day for the TALES FROM THE FERMI RESOLUTION Kickstarter. No lie; I was hoping that putting up the free story might entice a pledge or two, but apparently not. Ach, well. I know people who are trying to just get across the crowdfunding finish line, let alone trying to rack up the cash.

Still, feel free to pass along this link to anybody who might be interested in signing up. It can only help my production timeline next year. Even the $5 tier is one more potential reader…

Tweet of the Day, Well, Tolkien DID Leave Copious Drafts Behind edition.

It seems reasonable to look at them.

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10/25/20 Update, TALES FROM THE FERMI RESOLUTION Kickstarter.

Looks like it’s going to be the first goose egg of the TALES FROM THE FERMI RESOLUTION Kickstarter, which is of course the most horrible thing in the multiverse that has or will ever happen to myself or my innumerable Shadows. Alas. Alack.

More seriously, Kickstarters have a 38% success rate, so there’s somebody out there right now who’d probably be kind of ticked off to see me complaining about how it may take a few days to finish off the current set of stretch goals. I admit this, freely. It’s just that the planned $2,500 stretch goal might be a little tempting, if I do say so myself. Anyway: don’t forget to take a look at the free short story! And/or, say, pass that last link around. Every little bit helps.

Tom Lehrer puts his lyrics into the public domain.

Well, lyrics and some of the sheet music; Tom Lehrer’s actual songs (as in, the audio and video) aren’t covered by this. It’s still a cool gesture, although knowing Lehrer it’s probably some sort of slightly too-clever comment on global capitalism or something like that. If I sound slightly eye-rolling about that, it’s because… I pretty much am. I love Tom Lehrer’s music, which he would probably find annoying if he ever happened to read this.

And I don’t feel bad about it, either. I mean, the dude once told everybody he was dead, just to cut down on his fan mail. He’s kind of earned my annoyingly indulgent fandom.

Sample from the Kickstarter: A BARGAIN WITH YIG.

A free short story (A BARGAIN WITH YIG) from the TALES FROM THE FERMI RESOLUTION Kickstarter is now available for your perusal. Feel absolutely free to pass those links around. Or read it yourself; if you’re on my Patreon, you’ve already read a version of it, but I feel I improved it considerably.