04/08/21 Revisions, MORGAN BAROD.

So, I took a nap; and when I woke up, I realized that my alpha reader’s complaint about certain shenanigans in the Vampire City of Red Bank were in fact justifiable, and that I agreed with her. Fortunately, the nap also told me what to substitute for said shenanigans, which will allow me to keep both the fight scene and the… other one. So that’s what I’m likely working on this weekend. I’m also thinking of making the business at Red Bank this month’s Patreon story, so there’s that.


Sony allies with Netflix in the Streaming Wars.

That’s what somebody on Sonny’s Twitter thread is calling it, at least, and he’s not wrong. I really wish Paramount would do the same thing, preferably with a service I’m already subscribed to. There are too many combatants in the Streaming Wars as it is.

The fairly redundant MST3K Kickstarter post.

Redundant in the sense that there’s almost no point in putting this post up: the new MST3K Kickstarter may actually fund before I finish typing it out. Two million in as many days is pretty impressive. Although they’re really trying for five or six, which would let them produce a full season. Crowdfunding is a fascinating development…

Tweet of the Day, I Kind Of Want To Write This One Up edition.

It’s a killer concept…

…and I played with it a little in the response, trying to expand on the idea while keeping it legitimately horrific. It’d be easy enough to make it almost cutesy, but where’s the fun in THAT?

The GoFundMe for my old buddy Eric Burns-White.

He literally had a ceiling fall on him.

Eric’s fine, but he and his wife have to move out again while they fix the problem, and there are health issues involved, and… you know. It’s been a week/year/decade. He’s a good dude and writer (his book just came out!): I can happily vouch for his character.