Senator Hagan suddenly not looking to replace George Holding after all.

Sunlight.  Disinfectant. Not that I am suggesting anything, of course.

You may remember from Sunday about how the Democrats were quietly planning to remove a somewhat… inconvenient… US Attorney from his position before he was through investigating a former North Carolina Democratic governor. Now, via Geraghty, via Kaus, we find out that nothing of the sort is going to happen.


U.S. Sen. Kay Hagan said today that the U.S. Attorney in Raleigh, George Holding, should stay on the job as top federal prosecutor until investigations of former Sen. John Edwards and former Gov. Mike Easley are completed.

Hagan said she has consulted with the White House on the process for replacing Holding — the decision on a replacement is ultimately up to President Barack Obama — and said it will go much slower.

“I don’t feel it’s in North Carolina’s best interest to replace someone who is investigating these two very high profile people,” said Hagan, a Democrat who plays a key role in the process because any replacement requires Senate confirmation. “I just think that with investigations going on, he ought to have the opportunity to complete the investigations.”

Well, I don’t know about you, but I’m happy to hear that neither the President nor Senator Hagan had any intention of shutting down a corruption investigation for crass political reasons. That’s such a relief, really.  And I’m sure that the fact that this was announced mere days after the rather pointed article in the local paper that brought this up got national attention had nothing to do with the switch in focus.  Of course not.  Complete coincidence.  Although I am curious: why did this Locke Clifford fellow leave the Governor’s replacement screening panel Tuesday? And why was he at former governor Easley’s house on the same day?

Golf game, perhaps?

Moe Lane

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Spanish government gets tired of judges playing Junior ICC.

(Via AoSHQ Headlines) I will now treat the news that Spain has decided to put its judges back under some semblance of control and respect for sovereignty:

Spain is moving to rein in its investigative judges from trying alleged crimes against humanity from around the world, a role that has led to high-profile cases against the governments of the U.S., China, Israel and others.

Under pressure from irate foreign governments, Spain’s Congress on Tuesday passed a resolution to limit the jurisdiction of the crusading judges to cases in which there is a clear Spanish connection — and no home-country investigation already under way.

…with all the respect for the organized antiwar movement’s position and dignity that either deserves.

Protesters were out there believing
That Garzon would end all their seething
With his witch-hunting of those
Lawyers writing out memos –
But now they’re stuck at ‘heavy breathing’.

Thanks, I’m here all week. Try the veal!

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PS: Or, heck, you could try this: War and Decision: Inside the Pentagon at the Dawn of the War on Terrorism

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Me on the Scott Hennen show.

As mentioned yesterday; I was on to discuss my post on the recent credit card legislation, and why it’s going to have unintended consequences.  The host was AM 1100 (The Flag), serving North Dakota. My part in the show can be found here; the whole show’s RSS feed is here.  I start up somewhere around 21:47, along with Rob of Say Anything, and I was on for about ten minutes.

Feel free to check it out, particularly if you didn’t actually know that small retailers have to pay for the privilege of accepting credit cards.  No, really: there apparently are people commenting on this who are unaware of that rather elementary fact.

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Jeebus, Stacy. Couldn’t you find a *real* beer to endorse?

Yes, indeed, Budweiser loses something when it passes through the horse’s kidneys (thank you, S.M. Stirling) – but Corona? Corona is the beer-flavored beverage of choice for your giggly coworker who hasn’t gotten over the fact yet that the bartender always makes a big deal out of putting a lime wedge in her bottle.


Yes, that sounds incredibly dirty, in a very vague sort of way.

Anyway.  If you’re going to drink a Mexican beer, go with Negra Modelo.  Unlike its cousin, it actually is one.

[UPDATE] Dan Collins nagged me into fixing this, the pedant.

Moe Lane

PS: Regarding corporate shilling: I’m not a corporate shill for anybody, but I’ll be more than happy to discuss the matter. For, at least.

‘Watchmen on the wall of world freedom.’

A quote from Kennedy’s last, undelivered speech – and one quoted by Florida Senatorial candidate Marco Rubio as part of his farewell speech to the Florida legislature.

Via And So it Goes in Shreveport. No transcript yet, sorry.

I’ve been personally staying out of the entire Crist/Rubio NRSC endorsement brouhaha, mostly because we’re going to have Senatorial candidates that are going to need the NRSC’s help – but I do have to ask: does Charlie have anything that can beat that?

Seriously. Does Crist play at that level? – Because if he doesn’t, this is going to be an interesting primary.

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I’m linking to this MoDo piece on a Cheney/Rumsfeld “conversation”…

…(care of the much more interesting Jen Rubin) for two reasons.  One, people like Dowd really do think that we think and talk like this:

“I hear Poppy Bush is furious at you,” he says. “He’s telling folks he put Junior in your care and you stole his presidency and destroyed the Bush name and derailed Jeb’s chances to ever be president, and P.S., you wrecked the country and the Atlantic alliance to boot. He has it in for Lynne, too. Thinks she spun you up, like she did in high school with her flaming batons. He thinks you got loopy from all the heart procedures. And Colin’s mad at you.”

“He can go to yoga with Pelosi for all I care,” Dick growls.

Bizarre to contemplate, but true. There are people out there who apparently just can’t function in life unless they’ve convinced themselves first that the opposition has a Deep, Dark Conspiracy in place. I suppose that it’s a motivation exercise, or something.

Moe Lane

PS: The second reason? I thought that I’d give whoever she might have ripped off to write this piece a better chance of seeing it.

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I’m doing a radio interview tomorrow with Rob of Say Anything.

May 20, 2009: 10:30 AM EST, 9:30 AM Central time. AM 1100 “The Flag,” serving Fargo/Moorhead. The podcasts can be found here, and the topic will be the recent credit card legislation. As I am not an expert on the subject by any stretch of the imagination, this should end up being highly amusing.

(Say Anything may be found here.)

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Democrats refuse to limit future gas prices to $5/gallon.

The Republicans over at the House Energy and Commerce Committee have been watching a lot of their amendments to the latest monstrosity of an energy bill get shot down on party-line votes. That’s what happens when you let one party dominate Congress – particularly when it’s a party that doesn’t like cheap energy – but this one still requires special notice:

The Administrator, in consultation with the Secretary of Energy, shall annually prepare and certify a report to Congress on the average retail price of gasoline in the United States. If the Administrator determines that the average retail price of gasoline (all grades) sold to retail customers in the United States during the prior year exceeds $5 per gallon, including taxes (in 2009 dollars), as a result of implementation of this Act, the provisions of this Act shall cease to be effective.

Seems like a reasonable amendment, right? After all, that’s an even higher cap than last summer’s exceptionally inflated prices, and everybody knows that gas that expensive would do horrible things to our economy. Went down in flames anyway, 31/24.

What does Waxman know that we don’t?

Moe Lane

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