09/17/2020 Snippet, DUTIES Revision

15900/32000, and I may need to revise when this is going to be ready. Although it’s not that bad. For that matter, things are already starting to calm down on the home education front. The kids seem to be getting used to the schedule, huzzah.

We must keep on carrying on, then. Word-count waits for no man.


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The DAUGHTER OF THE LILIES – Book 1 Kickstarter.

It’s no real secret that Daughter of the Lilies is a favorite webcomic of mine — it’s a post-apocalyptic magical fantasy series. Gee. Go figure — and I’ve waited a while for a print copy of the first volume. Behold! Here it is.

It’s probably gonna fund by the time you read this – possibly even before I finish writing this – but that’s all right. As I said, I want a print copy of the first volume.