Ah, Robin Carnahan? Nothing ever goes away.

(All links via 24thState, which is pretty much your go-to site for Missouri politics these days.)

On the Internet, that is. So, when the Blunt campaign (accurately) notes that you were ““a banking executive” in Washington at the government’s Export-Import Bank,” and you argue instead that your “position in the 1990s was assistant to the chairman” – thus suggesting that you were in fact not a real “banking executive” – here’s some places that you should try to get sanitized:

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Robin Carnahan’s (D, MO-SEN Cand) Bad Day (As in, possible ethics violations).

Russ Carnahan is having one, too.  Not that he matters all that much.

The fact that Roy Blunt had raised 200K more than Robin Carnahan in the Senate race was already known – but 24thstate is now reporting that Ed Martin has also raised 40K more than Russ Carnahan for the MO-03 race. Which is interesting, as Martin only declared around the end of July. Guess when they say “Show-Me” in Missouri, they mean it.

But that’s not even the most interesting thing coming from 24thstate.com.  The most interesting thing right now is his evidence that someone in Robin Carnahan’s office is violating Sunshine/election/ethics laws by funneling documents to attack blogs…

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