In the Mail: A Night At The Opera [Delta Green].

A slight extravagance, to be sure.

But A Night at the Opera also frees up my library from the individual adventures, which I can then donate to gamer charities.  So, hey, win-win, right? Besides, it looks cool.

Moe Lane

PS: …OK, OK, I made a mistake and ordered this not realizing that I already had all the adventures.  I’m still going to donate the individual ones to charity.  Gonna have a big box for WashingCon…

PPS: …OK, now I’m even more confused.  Did I pre-order this, and this is the pre-order copy going out before the book’s for sale generally?  Or did I get this as a stretch goal, and made the mistake of ordering the individual adventures?  I need to start writing this stuff down.