@BarackObama desperate to get the old band together for some reason.

I have one question:

A struggling President Obama is calling for help from members of his first-term A-Team, who have left the White House for other jobs.

With his poll numbers falling and his second-term floundering so far, Obama has sought help from the former aides who helped catapult him to the presidency.


After all, it was the so-called “A-Team” that took one of the most lopsided Congressional majorities in living memory and bloodily sacrificed it in order to get… Obamacare*. And that was just the most obvious mistake; this administration has racked up quite the litany of failure, Democratic agitprop and the Hill aside. Continue reading @BarackObama desperate to get the old band together for some reason.

To not pity the fool would be highly illogical.

As one of my colleagues (who should get a personal site, so that I may not be able to steal stuff like this) notes, the nice thing about the Internet is that you can have a new Greatest. Thing. EVAR. every day.

A-Team, Star Trek

If there is a way to make this combination more synergistically awesome, it is not readily apparent to modern science.

Moe Lane