Location Seed: Abattoir Place, New York City.

Abattoir Place, New York City – Google Docs

Abattoir Place, New York City


Technically, this street is supposed to be West 12th Street after that street intersects with 11th Avenue: Abattoir Place extends west until it hits the Hudson River.  And if you’re walking, that is indeed how you get there.  If you’re driving, however, you’ll never see the street, because it doesn’t exist for anybody who isn’t moving under his own power.  Even a bicyclist won’t be able to find it.


If you’re trying to figure out how that works, do yourself a favor and stop.  Accept that it’s magic or something, and that it could be a lot less benign than it is.  People have puzzled over this mystery right to the point of getting major strokes; it’s just not worth it.


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