Item Seed: Adam Madeira.

Blame this.

Adams Madeira – Google Docs

Adams Madeira


Back in 2015, renovators and catalogers at Kean University discovered that a portion of the university’s wine cellar consisted of a shipment of Madeira wine laid down in 1796 to celebrate John Adams’ Inauguration. The Madeira, of course, was still drinkable — the stuff can last for centuries — which is why the entire consignment was quietly stolen one night and replaced with a rather nice stock from the Illuminati’s own stores that was equally old, but not nearly as mystically potent.  It was, of course, a wrench for the Secret Masters who were personally discommoded by the switch, but manners are manners.  You simply do not steal from somebody else’s cellar.


Well, unless they’re treating the wine abominably.  The Secret Masters are still human beings.  Or at least a functional working equivalent thereof.


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