Tweet of the Day, Don’t Call Up What You Can’t Put Down, Democrats edition.

Welcome to the Age of Scrutiny, guys.

Cameras are everywhere. Evolve, or go under. And no Democrat will turn down a free hit on his or her enemies, so let’s not pretend any kind of moral high ground, here.


Tweet of the Day, The Media Wants Romney To Die In A Fire edition.

There are a lot of people in the mainstream media business who need to start understanding that social media is always watching them. Always.

Welcome to the Age of Scrutiny, kids. Either own your biases, or hide them better.


#rsrh Hey, you remember Miles Kristan?

Sure you do: Miles Kristan’s that dumb kid who decided to go dump a beer on a Wisconsin legislator as part of a political statement, then go brag about it.  What’s that?  The link doesn’t work?  Well, that’s because (as per Legal Insurrection) the Blue Cheddar Wisconsin Democratic shill blog (which put up the video originally) apparently came to the sudden realization that it may not be a good idea to have Miles Kristan’s confession up, given that it’s to a crime that could be conceivably scored as a felony.  Particularly given that Miles Kristan’s being reported locally as being maybe a bit of a stalker.

Fortunately or unfortunately, depending on how you look at it, the confession is already out there:


So there’s that.


Moe Lane


Barack Obama and the *second* YouTube election.

First off, let’s peruse this video very quickly: via Hot Air, it shows Senator Barack Obama claiming that it was ‘unpatriotic’ for President George Bush to oversee an increase in the debt of four trillion dollars over eight years…

…because apparently it’s much more patriotic to increase the debt by four trillion in two years, seven months.  Which is how much Barack Obama has used… what was the phrase?  Ah, yes: “the credit card from the Bank of China” …to provide us with – well, nothing in particular except a lot of excuses and a lowered credit rating.  I for one applaud this demonstration that Barack Obama can be more efficient than George W Bush was in something: frankly, we were all starting to wonder.

But we’re not going to talk about that.  What we are going to talk about is the way that this conversation wouldn’t have been as easy to have in 2004, or even 2008. (more…)


#rsrh Jay Carney and the Age of Scrutiny.

Via Yid With Lid (via AoSHQ Headlines), permit me to sum up Jay Carney’s… evolving… narrative:

  • 2001’s Jay Carney, Times reporter: Man, that George W Bush is such a big poopyhead for pretending to work when he’s really just taking a vacation.  And, oh, yeah: he’s pro-business and anti-environmental.  Isn’t that just awful?
  • 2011’s Jay Carney, White House Press Secretary and Daily Chew Toy: Man, that Barack Obama really needs his vacation – besides, everybody knows that the job follows the President everywhere he goes.  That’s why he can keep that laser-like focus on the economy and jobs – he’s pro-business, you know – even at Martha’s Vinyard…

Am I being cruel?  Well, yes, but it doesn’t really count with White House Press Secretaries.  Their job is to go up onto the podium every day and see whether the media will run out of throwing knives before the press secretaries run out of hemoglobin.  This administration typically doesn’t assign people to the job that they would actually mind losing, so why should I show any more consideration? (more…)


Obamacare in the Age of Scrutiny.

Interesting what people can take from a picture. Case in point:

When Glenn put up a post using it, he focused on the brutal elegance of that sign message:”You vote for Obamacare, we vote for your opponent.”  Which, by the way: we will.  But what I took away from it was primarily the guy with the camera.

I’ve written this before, and now I’ll write it again: never go to a protest or political event without video recording equipment.  I usually recommend a Flip, but I discovered at CPAC that my Canon PowerShot SD1200IS is actually a perfectly suitable emergency video camera in its own right.  Or you can just use your cell phone.  Whatever it is, have something that you can use when circumstances warrant. Our opponents have not yet internalized the idea that every action and every word that they utter for the rest of their lives can be saved for posterity: be sure to take advantage of that.

And remember: if it wasn’t recorded, it didn’t happen.  That’s the drawback of having video recorders everywhere; it’s much harder to convince people that something occurred when there’s no footage available.

Moe Lane

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Activists: you need to read Interface by Neal Stephenson.

I keep forgetting that not everybody who reads me shares my tastes in fiction. I actually just had this brought home to me in another venue, in fact.

So… Interface, by Neal Stephenson & J Frederick George. It was written fifteen years ago, and it predicted about six or seven things about modern politics that are kind of important now*. You really should pick up a copy.


Moe Lane

*Ranging from the increasing manipulation of demographic data to the fishbowl nature of modern politics to how high-definition television is going [to] gut our current crop of politicians.

Again: this book was written in 1994.

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