#rsrh Andrew Sullivan’s revelation: it’s all because of the Jooosss…

…that people panned Obama’s inability to check before insisting that Israel give back East Jerusalem.

At least, the Bad Jooosss: the ones that live in Israel and supposedly run American foreign policy.  And the American media.  And, apparently, bloggers (which apparently includes people like me*). Andy, Andy, Andy.  Real Americans don’t have to be paid to respect magnificently tough sons of bitches that have held off everything thrown at them for sixty-three years and counting.  That they’re also a functioning and prosperous democracy in a sea of kleptocracies and failed states is merely icing on the cake.

Ach, well: the tertiary stage of conspiracy theorizing has been long known.

Moe Lane

*Gotta love those checks from the International Zionist Conspiracy.

I am not a shill for AIPAC.

Thanks to R.S. McCain, I’ve been dragged into this complete non-scandal about him and Democratic gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe, so I might as well establish this now: I do not work for the American Israel Public Affairs Committee. I am not directly compensated by AIPAC in any way. AIPAC has not provided me with any consideration in exchange for my highlighting the Israel-bashing escapades of Jim Moran (D, VA-08), whether on MoeLane or RedState. There is thus obviously no financial motive for me to highlight the relationship between Rep. Moran and his brother Brian, who is opposing McAuliffe for the Democratic nomination for Governor.

And I suggest that anyone who wants to pursue this should be prepared to provide compelling evidence to the contrary.

Moe Lane

PS: Bob McDonnell for Governor. He stands with Israel.  Not that I’m obliged to point that out, or anything.

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What *did* Greenwald mean by ‘people like Chuck Schumer?’

After all, it couldn’t have been ‘swarmy, over-privileged, obnoxiously arrogant would-be aristocrat.’

Which is what I’d mean by that; but Greenwald’s a member of the Online Left, so that sort of thing wouldn’t bug him when it comes to a reliable Democrat.

None the less, Dan Riehl noted that Greenwald isn’t happy about the sudden cratering of Chas Freeman’s career:

Isn’t it rather obvious that at some point, there will be a substantial and understandable backlash as Americans watch people like Chuck Schumer openly boast that anyone who makes “statements against Israel” that he deems “over the top” will be disqualified from serving in our Government, despite a long and distinguished record of public service and unchallenged expertise?

As usual, I don’t directly link to pro-torture sites like Greenwald’s if I can help it; Dan’s got the link. I’d also like to note that the answer is “no, it’s not obvious.” Unlike Greenwald, most Americans don’t hate Jews Israelis Zionists are we still using ‘Likudniks’? I can never keep track. Continue reading What *did* Greenwald mean by ‘people like Chuck Schumer?’