#rsrh The Daily Beast hit with a virus?

I was going to comment on Barack Obama’s Air Force One fundraising phone call – like Hot Air, my immediate verdict is “Likely legal, but deliciously desperate, bitter begging on a depressed and despondent President’s pathetic part” – but this is what I got when I clicked on the article this morning:

Well, that’s embarrassing…

*Second* flyby photo shoot now being ‘reconsidered.’

[UPDATE] And welcome, Instapundit readers. Did you know that bacon sandwiches cure hangovers?

(Updates with sources saying White House plans for a second photo shoot in Washington, D.C. being reconsidered)

Italics mine.

Background here; video here.

And to answer Glenn Reynolds: You think that they were actually thinking?

How droll.

Moe Lane

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Iowahawk announces winner of the 2009 Earth Week Virtual Cruise-In.

It was a tie for me between the B-17 and the Spitfire – I’m a sentimentalist – but in the end, it was Iowahawk’s contest, and his criteria:

Yet, neither of those yardsticks captures the true spirit of the Cruise, which is really about attitude. It’s that menacing glimmer that warns Gaia: my pimp hand is strong.┬áThe sassy insouciance that invites the moralist biddies and prim religious scolds of the green movement to Kiss. My. Ass.

…makes it impossible to quibble with his choice of 2009 Iowahawk Earth Week Virtual Cruise-In Grand Champion Carbonator. It’s a well-deserved honor.


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