Time Magazine attempts to fat-shame Chris Christie*.

So Business Insider notes this Time cover:


“Elephant in the room?” You have to admit: that’s some dang good passive-aggressive, plausibly deniable fat-shaming, there (note that Allahpundit over at Hot Air noted the exact same sneak-hit that we at RedState did).  Fortunately, our own Ben Howe notes that you can play with the symbolic meanings of the totem animals of both sides: Continue reading Time Magazine attempts to fat-shame Chris Christie*.

Time to trot out the Illuminatus! quote again.

Because I like using quotes from The Illuminatus! Trilogy, that’s why: consider it my own little act of Alinksy-appropriation.  Anyway, from one of the last times that I did:

Our hero Simon Moon – one of them, at any rate – has just informed his equally-leftist, but much less stoned and certainly more hard-headed parents that Freedom will come through Imagination (in that very, very serious voice. You know the one). His father (Tim Moon) responds… well, read:

Dad was the first to recover. “Imagination.” he said, his big red face crinkling in that grin that always drove the cops crazy when they were arresting him. “That’s what comes of sending good working-class boys to rich people’s colleges. Words and books get all mixed up with reality in their heads. When you were in that jail in Mississippi you imagined yourself through the walls, didn’t you? How many times an hour did you imagine yourself through the walls? I can guess. The first time I was arrested, during the GE strike of thirty-three, I walked through those walls a million times. But every time I opened my eyes, the walls and the bars were still there. What got me out finally? What got you out of Biloxi finally? Organization. If you want big words to talk to intellectuals with, that’s a fine big word, son, just as many syllables as imagination, and it has a lot more realism in it.”

Continue reading Time to trot out the Illuminatus! quote again.

The New Book of the Week is… Rules for Radicals.

We’re replacing Bigfoot Observer’s Field Manual: A practical and easy-to-follow step-by-step guide to your very own face-to-face encounter with a legend with Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals.


Look, I don’t like it any more than you do; but as a practical matter this is widely considered to be one of the how-to books on how to stick it to the Man.  And, honestly?  I do like the idea of getting referral fees from successfully recommending a book of techniques that can be turned against its creators.  That appeals to some deep, 1950’s-horror movie facet of my soul.

But if you simply can’t bear the thought of giving this guy any bread, there’s a summary here.

Moe Lane